The Differences Between a Bookkeeper and Accountant


New entrepreneurs (and even those who have been in the business for years) often make the mistake of confusing bookkeepers and accountants. The two functions are certainly related, but their roles are very different. Understanding these differences can help you better understand your financial management. Bookkeepers manage financial data The …

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Why do I encourage everyone to learn Tajweed?

Learning Arabic for the Quran, who has not dreamed of it? The concept It is a program to understand 100% of the Quran in Arabic, without having to resort to translation. Starting from 0 without any notion, at the end of Level 1 (ie 1 month) you will be able …

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Why take a stock inventory? Is this a legal obligation?

All companies that own finished products and raw materials are required to carry out their physical inventory once a year according to the accounting requirements defined by the Commercial Code. The identification of these elements is essential in accounting to establish the annual accounts of the company. It allows you …

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Here Is Why You Should Be Careful When Hiring A Tax Agent

Tax Agent

The residents of Australia are always looking for the best ways to file tax returns. There are those who have some knowledge of how to proceed, but others have no idea. In fact, there are many people who make serious mistakes when it comes to tax returns. Rather than going …

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Treatments And Tips For Getting Rid Of Acne And Pimples

حبوب تحت الجلد

Acne, pimples and oily bumps are among the problems that all women and men suffer from during puberty, and they usually appear on the face, shoulders, back and upper arms, their shape is always annoying and not beautiful, and the reason behind their appearance may be genetics, infection, hormones, lifestyle …

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Descaling: why is it so important for teeth?

Annual teeth scaling and polishing in Lahore is indeed necessary to ensure good dental hygiene and to facilitate daily care, in particular brushing. Would you like to know more about this intervention? Good thing, the team offers you an article dedicated to dental scaling. What you will learn: The …

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When and how to resume physical activity after childbirth?

Most of the time after childbirth, fatigue is important. A few weeks after the event, however, it is advisable to resume gentle physical activity, without putting pressure on yourself. When to resume physical or sports activity after childbirth? After natural delivery, recovery usually occurs after 6 weeks. It can be …

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Caesarean scar: what appearance and how to take care of it?

Childbirth does not always go as planned. Despite the desire to deliver your child vaginally, in some cases this is not possible. Especially if the mother or the child is in pain, the labor is too long and there are complications. The medical staff then have an emergency caesarean with …

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How to properly manage your invoicing? Definition, advice and good practices

The good management of its invoicing is an important dimension in the development of any activity. The best invoicing software for small business is what makes it possible to formalize a transaction with a customer. Whether for the sale of goods or services, it is a mandatory supporting document in …

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What is an inventory?

For many entrepreneurs, this is a boring duty: taking inventory. Many start-ups and small businesses in particular find it difficult to take stock on a regular basis, especially since it often takes a lot of staff. That’s why we tell you exactly what is behind the term trading and the …

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