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Advantages Of Choosing A Smart DC Inverter AC Over A Traditional Non-Inverter Type

Air conditioning is definitely a difficult point for most Pakistanis due to their valid concerns regarding their electricity bills. The fact is that by the time an air conditioner is added to the list of electronic devices used in a home, electricity bills increase significantly. While it is quite difficult to reduce the “massive” impact of an air conditioner on your electricity bills, a considerable part of it can be managed by choosing the right technology, optimized use, installation, maintenance, operation and the proper insulation.
While traditional units are still used, some appliance manufacturers in Pakistan, for example, offer the latest, innovative and most efficient Inverter technology to meet modern air conditioning and energy saving needs.
When it comes to technology, there are not many options available for Pakistani consumers. The ones that should be considered are inverter inverter and non-inverter inverters. The question now is “what is the difference between them”.

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We hope this publication will help you understand your differences in order to make an appropriate choice.

What is the difference between inverter and non-inverter air conditioners?

Non-Inverter Air Conditioners

Air conditioners without inverter or fixed speed operate with a fixed amount of energy at a fixed speed. This means that the compressor must be stopped and restarted to maintain the desired room temperature.
In this type of arrangement, the compressor is off or on. When it is on, it operates at full capacity, consuming all the electricity. When the thermostat reaches the required temperature setting, the compressor stops and the fan continues to operate. When the thermostat detects that the temperature in the room has fluctuated, the compressor starts again.

Inverter Air Conditioners

This technology was developed in Japan and is now being used worldwide for air conditioners and refrigerators alike. If you talk specifically about Pakistan, this innovative technology is only available in air conditioners with intelligent DC inverter.
In inverter air conditioning systems, the speed of the compressor varies to ensure energy efficient operations and precise cooling or heating as necessary.
The technology of the inverter acts as an accelerator in a car. When the compressor requires more power, it gives more power. When you need less energy, it provides less energy. In this type of configuration, the compressor is always on, but it consumes less energy or more depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the setting adjusted on the thermostat. The speed and power of the compressor are also adjusted accordingly.

Major difference between the both

Both the inverter and the non-inverter offer similar functions but differ in the type of compressor motor running in the system. The compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant in liquid, after which it shuts off and allows it to expand. As this process is carried out, the refrigerant begins to cool, which produces the desired cooling effect. The inverter air conditioning units are designed in such a way that they save up to 30-50% of the electricity units consumed compared to a normal air conditioner.

How an Inverter Air Conditioner actually works?

The amount of cooling or heating required by an air conditioning unit varies according to the outside temperature and the amount of heat in the room.
When it is necessary to amplify the cooling or heating effect, the compressor will operate at a higher speed and increase the amount of coolant flow.
Conversely, during moderate outside temperatures, for example, when it is necessary to reduce the cooling and heating capacity, the compressor will operate at low speed and the amount of refrigerant flow will decrease.
When the inverter air conditioner is turned on, the compressor operates at high speed to cool or heat the area quickly. As the ambient temperature approaches the desired temperature, the compressor slows down, maintaining a constant temperature. Any spontaneous fluctuations in the ambient temperature will be detected and adjusted immediately so that the ambient temperature returns to the set temperature.

In short, it automatically adjusts its capacity according to the requirements of the room, so it consumes much less energy and consumes fewer units of electricity.
While air conditioners based on Inverter technology adjust their capacity according to the requirements of the room, it is very important to understand that the installation of an air conditioner of the correct size will provide the desired cooling / heating results. It is recommended that you evaluate the capacity of the room and air conditioning before making a purchase.
To find out what AC size will be best for you, visit the online product catalog of the air conditioner.

Let’s have a look at the top advantages how an inverter air conditioner is better than non-inverters.

  • Eco Friendly

The main difference between the inverter and the non-inverter AC is that the first one offers a variable speed of the compressor. The speed of the non-inverter compressor is fixed, which means that it operates at maximum or minimum speed. The sensor integrated in the inverter adjusts the power according to the temperature of the room, which results in a lower consumption of electricity and a greater energy saving.
When compared to inverterless air conditioners, inverter air conditioners are much more environmentally friendly due to their ability to detect sudden fluctuations and automatic adjustments made at compressor speed. This highly sophisticated but innovative mechanism helps to save energy and is beneficial for the environment.

  • Saves Money

Due to the operational method of inverter air conditioners, your compressor does not operate at full capacity at all times, saving you from paying thousands of dollars at the cost of additional units of electricity.

  • Energy Efficient

Investor technology is considered a grade A solution when it comes to energy efficiency and economic operation. In an inverter model, cooling and heating are automated in an efficient and efficient way of energy, whereas previous technologies used to consume a lot of electricity regardless of the required use.

  • Soundless operation

The compressor motor of the DC inverter air conditioner does not turn on and off all the time, but continues to run at low power. This type of mechanism makes the operation quieter.
Unlike non-inverters, they do not turn on and off automatically each time they reach a certain temperature; instead, they simply navigate along to maintain and regulate the temperature constantly.

  • Long Life

The technology and hardware used in air conditioners with DC inverter not only make the cooling and heating effect more efficient, but also make the unit last longer. Contrary to the operation of a unit without an inverter, the inverter consumes less energy and, as a result, works less, which means that it is less prone to wear.

  • Faster Cooling/Heating

The DC inverter The AC can cool and heat your room faster than its non-inverting counterpart. This is due to the fact that an inverter air conditioning unit works with a variable speed compressor instead of a fixed speed compressor. This process guarantees rapid effects of air conditioning through a faster variable speed, which allows the compressor to run at full power only when necessary, while constantly regulating the temperature according to the wishes of the end user.

  • Smart Capabilities

An intelligent DC Inverter AC will provide you complete control over your power consumption and usage through your PC and portable smart devices. In addition, it will provide you with complete information on all technical metrics, such as watts, voltages, current and consumed units. An intelligent CA also allows the user to program the AC to turn on or off automatically. The operations of an AC are more flexible and centralized when it is intelligent.

Why spend some Extra Rupees on a DC inverter AC?

An inverter air conditioning unit may cost a bit more compared to the non-inverter, but considering its ability to reduce electricity consumption, the investor type is definitely a smart choice and a smart investment in terms of the benefits it offers to the investor. long term. .
Undoubtedly, it is worth the extra money disbursed, since you can reduce your energy bills by 30-50%.

Where to find the best DC Inverter ACs in Pakistan?

If you are looking for a unit that is economical, efficient and full of intelligent features, then opt for a renowned consumer electronics brand.
Being the pioneer of DC Inverter DC systems based on Japanese and European technology in Pakistan, it takes the air conditioning to a whole new level. They offer a perfect combination of the most advanced technology and maximum sophistication to provide optimal cooling / heating during all seasons.
It offers a wide variety of beautifully designed series, namely, classic, plus, Ultron and Ultron plus in extensive colors and sizes ranging from 1 ton to 2 tons.

So hurry up and order now to avoid high electricity bills.

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