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Diversity Of Addiction Treatment Centers and Models of Information Analysis

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Methods Used

To answer these questions, a study carries out whose objective was to know the perception of Judges and Treatment Center Managers about legally obligated treatments.  By court order, whose characteristics above comments. From agreement, we understand as perception the idea or image. Best Drug Rehab Centre in Lahore.

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That we have of reality and that is determined by the interrelation of the following:

  • Knowledge,
  • Experiences,
  • Values,
  • Prejudices,
  • Culture,
  • Social environment, and
  • Personality

of who perceives.

Information Analysis

In relation to the instrument from which the analyzed information obtains, explores or two semi-structured interviews designs. Both interviews included a space for the identification of the person interviewed. In the case of Judges, their authority identifies and in the case of Treatment Center Managers, a space includes for the identification of the type or model of treatment applied in their work center.

Prevention Of Drug Use

Each of the instruments included three different questions with which it sought to know the perception of the Judges and Managers of Treatment Centers interviewed. The application of the interview in charge of the students of the master’s degree in Comprehensive Prevention of Drug Use, who consented in writing. On addiction treatments that their work uses for this research. Best Drug Rehab Centre in Lahore.

Diversity Of Addiction Treatment Centers and Models

On relationship to the subjects interviewed, as well called study population, it clarifies that, in there is a large diversity from spaces jurisdictional on the what operate the judges from different instances. As well I know records a diversity of addiction treatment centers and models, some recognized by current regulations and others that operate outside of it.


To capture this diversity, it requests to the students what will interview to judges and to Those in charge of Treatment Centers, without specifying their characteristics; 11 interviews conduct with judges and 12 with those in charge of Treatment Centers. The geographical coverage of the project, was determined by the location of the students themselves in the country. And in a certain sense by the lack of financial resources to carry out this research and cover a larger area. Best Drug Rehab Centre in Lahore.

Analysis Method

Subsequently, the information contained in the interviews analyze and grouped based on categories constructed with a qualitative methodology. The Legal-Political Analysis method proposed. In accordance with this proposal. Bardin defines these categories as a kind of meaningful boxes or epigraphs that allow the classification of the constitutive elements of meaning of the message or discourse.

The results obtained from the categories presents with descriptive statistics.

Results of the analysis of the perception of Judges and Treatment Center Managers regarding the treatments forced.

The Perception of The Judges

In relation to the perception of the Judges, 11 interviews conduct with Judges from different judicial districts of the common authority. Best Drug Rehab Centre in Lahore.

Typology Of Judges Interviewed

Considering the different instances in which they operate, the Judges interviewed I know classified from the following way: One, who represents 9.09% of those interviewed, is a Director of the Judiciary of a Superior Court of Justice. The Council of the Judiciary is the body in charge of the administration, surveillance, discipline, and judicial career of the Judicial Power in the Federation or in the states, except for the Supreme Court. And the Court Electoral (on the case from the Federation and the Court Higher from Justice on the case).

Another the highest court for common crimes. Five Judges, which means 45.45% of those interviewed. They are courts from first instance the Judicial of the Federation. They specialize in certain subjects. penal, administrative, civil, and labor or know from all they. The remaining four (36.36%).

They are judges from peace, is say judges from First instance what operate on matches what no They are Headboard from judicial and whose function is to achieve justice in specific and minor cases, on matter civil and penal, for to guarantee the peaceful coexistence of the members of the neighborhood community. Best Drug Rehab Centre in Lahore.

Typology Of Judges

In the interviews with the Judges, two questions formulate. The first was to collect their opinion regarding the possibility of issuing sentences that force criminals addicted to some drug. (Including alcohol) to undergo compulsory treatment in centers outside.

Opinion of the Judges on the possibility of dictating sentences of treatment obliged

An important finding of this research was that the 100% from the judges interviewed ignored the existence from Provisions on the penalties and measures from security contained in the codes penalties with the what operate, on the what I know establishes compulsory treatment against addictions.

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