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Naran is located 119 km from the city of Mansehra and 270 km from Islamabad at an altitude of 8202 feet. It is one of the most attractive cities in Pakistan and fascinates every year thousands of tourists, trekkers, photographers and nature lovers. Naran can be used as a base for enchanting destinations such as Saif-ul-Malook Lake, Lalazar Babusar, Noori Valley, Shogran, Batakundi and Purbi Valley.


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You can travel to Naran from Punjab in two ways. The first leads through Muzaffarabad and the second through Abbottabad and Mansehra.


The route from Islamabad to Naran via Muzaffarabad is full of landscapes. You have to reach Murree and then drive via Bhurban to Kohala. Kohala is like the border to enter the area of ​​Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Then you have to travel to Muzaffarabad (the capital of Azad Jammu & Kashmir). This city collapsed in the 2007 earthquake, but the authorities rebuilt it. From here take the path to Balakot via Lohari Gali and Garhi Habibullah. Immediately in front of Garhi Habibullah is a police checkpoint indicating a borderline between Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Kohala-Coast-Islands-at-Mauna-Lani-Also, if you drive from Islamabad via Abottabad to Mansehra. Then you have to reach Hassan Abdal of Islamabad, passing by Taxila and Wah Cantt on the GT Road (N5). You can also reach Hassan Abdal via the M1 motorway and reach the M1 at the Burhan Interchange. Drive almost 3 km on the N5 towards Islamabad to reach Hassan Abdal. Immediately after 13 km from Hassan Abdal, you will reach the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area and pass the KPK entrance gate. Continue on the N35 (Karakoram Highway) to reach Abbottabad via Haripur and Havellian. Continue for about 25 km on the N35 to Mansehra.MansehraFrom Mansehra, take the N15 towards Balakot and Naran. Continue on the N15 to Kaghan & Naran Valley, past Balakot, Kiwai and Paras.

Road Conditions

Roads are very winding and dangerous. You can drive by car, but off-road vehicles are much better, but if and only you are a professional driver. Road across Muzaffarabad is neat and carpeted until Muzaffarabad. Then from Muzaffarabad to Garhi Habibullah, it is under construction. After that the way is normal.

Naran Road Snow

About Mansehra the road condition is normal, but only if the water from the waterfalls passes the road, the condition is a bit bumpy. Cars can happen though.

Sightseeing Areas

During the drive from the Mansehra route, the Kunhar River runs alongside the road all the time, presenting heartbreaking scenes and scary sounds of the water flow. The water is too cold and the famous trout fish is too much in this river.

Kunhar River

In Naran you can also find hotels and tents for overnight stays. During your stay at the Naran, you can explore the natural beauty of the area. Local jeeps can be rented to explore the area. Saif-ul-Malook Lake is the most famous in the area and the trip includes off-road rides and some trekking tours. Other lakes include Ansoo Lake, Siri Lake, Piyala Lake and Lulusar Lake.

Siri Lake Shogran


Saiful Muluk Lake


Aansoo Lake


Pyala Lake


Shogran Valley


Lulusar Lake

Lulusar lake

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