K-P Invites Spring in a Different Way

K-P Invites Spring in a Different Way; Love, Peace and Harmony

Spring is a time of bliss for all, especially for the Hindus and Sikhs in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, but only in the Khyber district, where both minority networks praised the celebration of Nau Asud. In Tirah Valley, home to the largest Sikh and Hindu networks in the Khyber Agency, several families have moved to Peshawar and Punjab to seek better work and safety opportunities, regardless of their military responsibilities in the innate region hereditary houses.


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Adjacent to Peshawar and Khyber, Buner is also home to extensive Hindu and Sikh peoples, many of whom have moved to a zone named after the Hindu saint Pai Pana Sahib, in which they have a more than 200-year past. Pai Pana Sahib is only about 10 kilometers away from the main bazaar Buner. Due to the landscape, however, it takes hours to reach the zone. Despite the government’s everyday considerations of thinking about minorities, there is still no adequate road to get into the most critical area.



Pai Pana Sahib is about 200 years old, but the beautiful religious site is still discovered by the joint government. Although it is essentially a Hindu religious site, it is also essential to Sikhs. A large number of Hindus and Sikhs fill the area to attend the celebration.

Pai Pana Sahib

Hindu people from Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan also visit the area and it is known that the locals offer milk or water during their stay in the region. In addition, the celebration should respect the new season and offer unusual petitions. “Hindus observe Nau Asud finding the new moon and landing another season. It is similar to Nowruz. People offer unusual requests for harmony and success for the nation and the network, “said Sardar Gorpal Singh, a leading figure of the Sikh ethnic group in the Khyber region.

Khyber visitor

Despite various cases in which the daily government has distributed attractive spending plans for the Malakand Division, the region where the celebrations take place requires office space, such as roads, water and open transport, although they are a traditional place. There is also no billboard nearby to show the area of ​​Pai Pana. “A year ago, the local organization gave security to the celebration and also organized transportation for the celebration. However, there are no road markings or signs that could guide explorers and guests from the main road.

Malakand Division

Sardar Sarethak Singh said that Sikhs of the Territory had loving relationships with Hindus and usually go to each other’s celebrations. “We also welcome our Muslim siblings and they attach great importance to being present at our festivals.

Tirah Valley

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