Coverage of Tiles: Types & Opportunities

A blanket protects the home against all kinds of weather conditions. In addition, it determines for a large part the appearance of the dwelling. Read below about the different types available and the best materials for each roof shape.

Roof Tiles

Like roofing, tiles always keep their popularity. They are available in concrete and clay. Depending on your personal choice and your budget, you can choose for the type of tile that is best suited for your roof. In addition, tiles are available in different shapes. The shape you choose, depends on the slope of the roof and the desired appearance. If you are looking for cheap coverage, tile is the best option.

Slate cover

Slates have long been used as a roof covering. Especially, artificial slates are popular for their competitive price in comparison with tiles.

Natural slates are more expensive, but they have a long shelf life and fewer mosses will attach to it. The price is indicated depends on the choice of materials and surface.

Thatched roof

A thatched roof creates a charming appearance. Thatch can be laid in an open construction as well as in a closed construction. Both applications know their advantages and disadvantages.

This type of cover has a life of about 35 years. Reed insulates well, so extra roof insulation is, in most cases, no longer necessary.

More info on a thatched roof.

epdmEPDM cover

EPDM is made of rubber. This material has many advantages. It is easy to maintain and has a long life. EPDM does not suffer from cracks and you can climb all year round.

EPDM is more expensive than other types of roofing but, qualitatively, EPDM is unbeatable as a roof for a flat roof. This material is also considered a successor to roofing.

Discover the prices and more info of an EPDM roof.

zinc Zinc cover

Zinc is the material of choice for roofing in unconventional forms. This comes from the fact that zinc is very flexible and is therefore perfect as a roof covering curved. Zinc roofs have a unique appearance and long durability.In addition, this type of roof can be recycle. Before, zinc was mostly to be found in old roofs but today they are becoming more and more popular.

Sloped roof

The sloped roof is the most popular form. It lends itself to any style of architecture and offers an undeniable advantage, that is to say, it offers more space to store things or living space under construction.For the construction of an inclined roof, and we begin with breakdowns, prefabricated rafters or prefabricated roof elements. A roof of purlins is finished with rafters, an under-roof, boards and stairs. The finish, the vapor barrier, the insulation and the roof form all the elements of the roof.

Roof tiles

Clay tiles: solid tiles with a long life;

Flat tiles: flat tiles without ripples;

Concrete tiles: more economical than fired tiles; choice between several variations and colors.


Natural slates: expensive but authentic, long life;

Artificial slates: made of fiber cement.

Metal roofs

Tile Panels: Steel or aluminum plates that look like tiles. The system is quickly installed and, in addition, it is lighter than a real tile cover;

Zinc slates: have the same appearance as a natural slate, but are a little larger;

Zinc, aluminum, or copper strips: after a while they form a patina that gives the roof a protective layer (longer life) and a beautiful color.

Other covers

Corrugated sheets: profiled sheets of doubly pressed fiber cement;

Bituminous shingles: a bituminous blanket reinforced with fiberglass which is primarily used for annexes and garden sheds. They are protected and decorated with granular minerals or a thin layer of copper. They are available in different shapes and colors;

Natural bitumen slates: imitation slate of natural bitumen. The light weight also allows a lighter roof construction.

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