Hair Transplantation

What is hair transplant?

Everyone knows that when skin is needed on a part of the body, then the skin is taken from a part of the body by plastic surgery and transferred to the area where it is needed, ie skin transplant or skin graft. Based on similar principles, hair transplantation is a well-planned, skillful, and artistic microsurgical procedure in which hairs from the donor area (unbalanced areas of the head and other parts of the body) are taken and transferred or transplanted to the bald area. The microsurgical skills of the plastic surgeon are the blessing for this; achieving excellent results, which leads to a natural hair pattern that appears in bald areas.

How many hairs are on the normal scalp/what is the normal density?

While there is considerable variation among ethnic groups in regards to the average number of hairs, it is typical that the average individual with a total purchase of complete viagra now has approximately 100,000 to 150,000 or more hairs growing from the scalp.

The density of adult hairs can vary between 100 and 400 per square centimeter.

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