Seven traps for cosmetic packaging designers

Creating the right packaging for your product can be a difficult process, especially if it is marketed for the first time. Whether you have a fresh product, simply revise the product packaging, or add another product to a growing collection of promotions, you want to do everything in your power to avoid mistakes. Cosmetics need of course excellent packaging. But if you are a product packaging designer, you know that the story does not stop there. Cosmetics packaging must be both excellent and realistic, which is easier said than done. If you ask a team of customers what they dislike most about specific types of cosmetic packaging, here’s what we’ll tell you: the seven traps for cosmetic boxes designers:

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1. The packaging of the article does not contain instructions for use

Most specific beauty brands include guidelines on boxes containing their bottles, pots, and tubes, but are honest: we tend to throw those boxes in the trash. It is not surprising that the products of most concerns to customers are cosmetic products that do not have printed instructions on their primary packaging. One of the most critical issues in a package is that it cannot be started quickly. Customers are unlikely to buy back your products or services in this case. Make sure your method is easy to open, for example with a drilled start.

2. A completely opaque cosmetic packaging

The packaging of the article is primarily responsible for the first impact of the article by the customers. For this reason, you should let them know which method is integrated, how it works and why they need it. Without these elements, your object will disappear among the opponents. There will be no promotion factor that sets it apart.

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3. A package that allows you to work more

Struggling to open a pot or tube of face cream without falling, unable to squeeze the last drop of expensive lotion out of the box, the caps are so tight that you want to have a clip. It does not say how great a product of elegance can be; it will only provide the packaging offers. It can be a serious mistake to design a package that is not suitable for the store in which it will be marketed. Club stores, for example, will require larger packages than convenience stores. Do not be afraid to design more than one type of packaging for your service or product so that it can fit into every store and appeal to that retailer’s customers.

4. Cosmetic packaging made from low-quality materials

The beauty appearance must be break-resistant and durable so that it can easily be worn in handbags, purses, suitcases, gym bags, etc. without dropping a drop.

5. Do not make it unconvincing

Although you want to reduce your expenses, you should never do so by compromising the quality of the product packaging. For example, cheap components will not secure your article. Customers do not want to buy a creation that has a broken box or a lot more intense that has been cut off in the transport. If you deliver directly to customers, they are more likely to return the item. If you are offering in stores, the products are more likely to stay on the shelves. Instead, invest a little more in the use of sustainable components that can handle transportation.

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6. Do not make the packaging excessively small

Customers are starting to demand greener packaging, which means less waste. This may encourage some companies to reduce the size of their packaging, but do not reduce the size too much. A slight decrease in proportions is appropriate, but a significant drop can give your competitors more display space and restrict the design of your home.

7. Do not go crazy with the changes

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You must keep the content of your item or package identifiable so that customers know it is the same premium item they like. This does not mean that you can never change it. Being afraid to make improvements is a big mistake. Instead, change some aspects of your article or service while keeping others. This ensures that your item or service package is up-to-date and connects with current customers. Although some modifications are correct, you do not want to go beyond. To avoid this problem, perform a search before making any changes. See how your customers are communicating with this package to ensure that the items they value are always there. Instead of changing everything at the same time, create one at the Cosmetic packaging provider in the US. The packaging of the product in the style of the brand in the extreme, the art of seducing and being believed, a real understanding of something that challenges the key messages of the brand.

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