The Cost Of An Electrical Installation Condition Report

All you have to think about the getting an Electrical Safety Certificate, including the sorts of declaration, the means required to get, work and time periods.

What the activity involves

Regardless of whether you are a property holder having work done at home or a landowner leasing a house or level to inhabitants, there are various reasons why you may require an electrical security endorsement and in the event that you have no past involvement of having electrical work completed in your home, realizing which kind of authentication you ought to get can be somewhat befuddling. There are essentially four primary kinds of electrical safety testament or reports: Electrical Installation Certificate, Minor Electrical Works Installation Certificate, Electrical Installation Condition Report and Part P Notifications.

An Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) states that an electrical establishment is sheltered to utilize and is required for every single significant establishment in the home, for example, new shopper units and any work requiring new circuits or any electrical work in uncommon areas, for example, washrooms. A Minor Electrical Works Installation Certificate is like an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) yet is utilized for minor electrical work, for example, extra attachments or light fittings not in extraordinary areas. An Electrical Installation Condition Report is something proprietors need before another occupant moves in. Be that as it may, mortgage holders moving into another home ought to in a perfect world get one as well, particularly if a more seasoned property. Numerous electrical activities need Building Control Notification under Part P Notifications. This should be possible by utilizing a certified circuit tester who can “self-affirm” their work or by advising Building Control yourself and paying an expense for an investigation. Be that as it may, you can’t get a circuit repairman to confirm work you have completed yourself – this is unlawful.

The Cost Of An Electrical Safety Certificate

In the event that you are a landowner it is your commitment to watch that the attachments, light switches, wiring and customer board are protected and the Electrical Safety Council prescribes that at regular intervals an examination of electrical establishments is done, or at whatever point there is a difference in inhabitants (whichever is sooner). A circuit repairman will normally charge around £100 for an electrical condition report, yet the cost will ascend for bigger properties. Not at all like the establishment endorsement, PAT testing checks the apparatuses in a leased home which are claimed by the proprietor, this incorporates bigger white products, for example, the ice chest cooler or dishwasher, yet in addition littler machines like pots and toasters. As of now, there is no lawful commitment for proprietors to do PAT testing, however it is prescribed and great work on, costing around £60 for a normal house. A Landlord Electrical Safety Report Certificate is in fact a report yet is for the most part alluded to as an endorsement. This report will ordinarily cost from £100 to £250 (contingent upon the size) for a home with sensibly new wiring and typically takes 2 to 4 hours.

In the event that you picked a circuit tester that is an individual from a skilled individual plan to take the necessary steps then the person in question can self-ensure and issue you with an authentication. This endorsement is normally incorporated into the statement for any work that requires it. In any case, if your circuit repairman isn’t a part, they can’t self-ensure and you will at that point need to tell building control and pay a charge which changes from committee to gathering and will likewise rely upon the multifaceted nature of the work yet hope to pay around £300. Any electrical work should act naturally confirmed by a circuit tester, or the neighborhood authority building guidelines division should check the work upon finish. Shockingly, there is no less expensive DIY arrangement with regards to electrical undertakings, contracting an expert circuit tester that can self-guarantee their work is in truth presumably the least expensive alternative.

The following are some evaluated expenses of electrical security confirmations.


  • Part P Notification Local Council £300 1-2 Hours
  • PAT Testing £60 1-2 Hours
  • A Landlord Electrical Safety Report Certificate £175 2-4 Hours
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) £200 2-4 Hours

Cost Breakdown

The average expenses of an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) – Total Cost: £200

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