Why do you have to perform electrical safety checks as a landlord?

The landlords are responsible for the electrical safety of the tenants. Read more to find out why an electrical inspection must be performed.

As a lessor, it is your legal duty to ensure that the property you rent is safe and that electrical equipment in that home is safe. The landlord and tenants law of 1985 provides for this provision. You must perform regular electrical checks at the accommodation. You must pay the costs of the lessor’s electrical safety certificate. In this article we will examine some of the electrical checks that you must perform on your property. Electrical Certificate London is compulsory for all homes and businesses.

Perform the electrical check

If you are not going to use a registered electrician, always make sure you notify the building control of your local authority. To ensure that you comply with the law, it is always advisable to hire a registered electrician.

The certificate of the electrical installation must always be obtained after each electrical installation. In most cases, the law stipulates that certification must be performed by a third independent party and not by the person who performed the installation.

If the installation is checked and certified, you must have it periodically tested every five years and no more than five years. Depending on the condition of the electrical installation, the electrician providing the electrical condition report may sooner or later inform you to perform the tests. The date is stated on the electrical condition report.

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In some cases the local government may ask you to provide proof of your electrical certification if your property has multiple locations. If you receive such a request in writing, make sure that you send it to the ECR within a period of 7 days.

Electrical equipment in the building

If there are electrical appliances in the home, such as refrigerators, kettles or lamps, always make sure that you keep them in a safe state. Although there is no legal obligation for the electrical equipment in the building, you must always ensure that you perform the Portable Alliance Test (PAT) annually or at any time of the year.

Electrical Safety First recommends that all equipment that you provide to the tenants bears the British Standard Kitemark, which is an indication that it has been approved by the British Electrotechnical Approvals Board.

It must first have the CE marking affixed by the manufacturer to indicate that the equipment complies with EU legislation. If there are manuals about the electrical equipment in the house, give it to the tenants so that they will handle the equipment correctly.

Changing tenants

When it comes to the change of rent, as the landlord, there are several roles that you must fulfill. Make sure you perform an inspection on the property to check if it is safe to rent.

When carrying out the inspection, pay attention to broken sockets and ensure that no live parts are accessible. The cable plugs and electrical devices in the house must not have been damaged.

The costs of the lessor’s electrical safety certificate are lower in most countries. Having an electrician perform the test should be as short as possible.


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