If you have a corporate blog on your website, it is important to regularly add new and high quality content, because having updated content often increases the Google search ranking of your website and maintains your customers involved with your brand. When you’re looking to keep your blog fresh and interesting, it can be difficult to find new topics to write about. The next time you run out of ideas, try these methods.

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1. Put Yourself In Your Customers’ Shoes

Think about your target customers: what are your concerns, problems, interests, priorities?Use your buyers or your knowledge of your customers to create content designed to solve their problems and help them every step of the way.

2. Consult With Customer-Facing Employees

Ask people who are on the front lines with your customers – your salespeople and customer service staff – what common concerns they are listening to from customers and use this information to develop content ideas.

3. Ask Your Customers

Do you want to know what topics your customers would like to see covered in your blog? Ask him. You can ask customers in person every time an opportunity presents itself, schedule an interview with a key customer, ask the question in a social media post or email newsletter or ask for feedback in a more structured way by sending a survey e-mail to customers.

4. Monitor Your Social Media

You should already regularly check all your pages on social media and respond promptly to any comments or questions. As you watch the comments, keep your eyes peeled for those who might deserve a full blog post.

5. Visit Online Forums And Social Media Groups

In addition to monitoring your pages on social media, join relevant social media groups and watch conversations to find out what people are talking about and take note of good ideas for blog topics.

6. Browse The Comments Of Your Blog

If you allow comments on your blog, check them to see if anyone has comments on existing blog posts that could give you an idea for follow-up.article or post on a completely different topic.

7. Check Out The Competition

Reading your competitors’ blog is a good way to keep you updated on current topics and important topics in the sector and to get ideas for the posts you want to write on your site (in your own words, of course).

8. Use Google Auto-Complete

You can get great ideas for blog posts by simply entering a search term or the beginning of a question using a keyword relevant to your business (for example, “How [keyword]” or “What [keyword]”) and seeing what Google suggests as an argument based on what millions of other people are looking for.

9. Read Industry News And Trends

Knowing what’s going on in your industry isn’t just important for your business, it’s also a perfect way to come up with timely ideas for content that could be useful to your target audience. To stay up to date with news from your industry, set up Google Alerts for the search terms you want to track.

10. Check Your Site Search

If you have an internal search feature on your website, it’s easy to find out what your customers are looking for on your website and use that information to create content that answers the questions they have. You can check the data from your site’s internal search by visiting Google Analytics and selecting Behavior> Site Search> Search Terms.

11.Try An Address Generator

Many free tools, such as Content Idea Generator, Tweak Your Biz Title Generator, Generator Title Generator, and Linkbait Headline Generator, will provide you hundreds of suggested blog titles based on the keywords or topics you enter.

12. Find Out What Questions People Ask

Do you want to come up with some questions to answer? Answering the audience allows you to enter a topic, then generates a graph that shows what questions people are looking for using that term, in sections for the type of query (why, how, what, when, who, can, will, which, where , and I’m).

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