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Often, turning to us, clients ask how reverse osmosis systems (RO) differ and how to make the right choice in such a large assortment of filters presented on our website. Well, let’s understand what reverse osmosis filters (RO) are and how they differ.

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The system consists of five stages of cleaning:

  1. Cartridge for mechanical treatment of water from foamed polypropylene with a porosity of 5 microns. The cartridge is the first step in the purification of water. It purifies water from mechanical impurities in the water (sand, rust, silt, etc.)
  2. Pressed activated carbon cartridge made from coconut shell. The second step in the pretreatment of water. This element purifies water from chlorine, organic compounds, which in large quantities accumulate in the water when passing through water pipes.
  3. Cartridge of mechanical extinction made of foamed polypropylene with a porosity of 1 micron. The last stage in the pre-treatment of water. Designed for finer purification of water and preparing it for passage through a reverse osmosis membrane.
  4. The reverse osmosis membrane is the “heart” of the filter. It purifies water at the molecular level. The porosity of the membrane is about 0.0001 microns, which allows only water molecules to pass through it, while the rest of the impurities are washed off under pressure under drainage.

“A water molecule (0.3 nm in size) passes through the filter, but most of the chemical impurities and inclusions of biological origin, in particular microorganisms and viruses (sizes from 20 to 500 nm) do not pass. For example, a filter can trap cholera bacteria or hepatitis viruses. ”(East Wikipedia).

Next, the water enters the storage tank, where it is stored until the moment you open the faucet at the sink.  After opening the tap, water passes through the fifth stage of water purification. The activated carbon charcoal post-filter is intended for conditioning water, balancing taste and smell. These are the elements the system contains as standard. It is recommended to use it for water purification for cooking, drinks.

If you plan to use water not only for cooking and drinks, then you should consider a system with six stages of purification. An example is the Leader Standart RO-6 reverse osmosis system.

Five stages of cleaning in it are the same as in the previous model, so we will not repeat it. Let’s take a closer look at how they differ:

  1. The system has an additional module – mineralizer. It mineralizes water, saturating it with a useful amount of minerals and microelements for the human body, and prepares it for use in its raw form. Inside the mineralizer are natural minerals – dolomite and calcite, water passes through them and is saturated with minerals, and the level in the duct is about 0.2 mg / l. Another of the functions of the mineralizer is to level the acid-base balance (Ph), bringing it closer to the optimal level of 7.0 – 7.5 for your blood.
  2. The tap in the reverse osmosis system with a mineralizer has two lambs, the water in it is divided into the water before mineralization (for preparing food and drinks) and water after mineralization (for use in raw form).
  3. Thus, we can say that if you want to use the water after the filter in its raw form, then you should consider a model with a mineralizer.

Another optional module in reverse osmosis systems is a bioceramic cartridge.

For example, consider the Leader Standart RO-6 biofilter model.

This system is equipped with a water structuring module. When you open the water tap at the sink, the water after the mineralizer passes through the bioceramic cartridge. It is intended for structuring water and bringing it closer to melt in structure. The bioceramic module is filled with balls of pressed natural tourmaline material, baked at a temperature of 600 ° C. As a result of which, passing through tourmaline balls, water is structured under the influence of infrared radiation.

As a result, you get water of the correct structure, which is more easily absorbed by the body. Summing up, we can say the following:

  1. – Reverse osmosis filters are the best that mankind has invented for water purification. The most effective and delicate cleaning method available.
  2. – Water is a transporter in the human body, respectively, the cleaner the water you drink, the more useful minerals and trace elements it will be able to carry through your body.

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