Where to put implants – in or abroad?

The cannibal from “12 chairs” spent the entire family budget in a parody contest with an millionaire, and all out of a desire to be “like abroad.” And indeed, our fellow citizens retained a strong, albeit naive, conviction, that “there” is much better than “here”, including medicine in general and dentistry in particular. Should go “beyond the three seas” to make a good dental implant ? Does the quality of services differ in our country and abroad? Let’s be honest.

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Implantation can be done in Europe.

Choosing a foreign clinic for implantation? Take your time for tickets!

Technology Without Borders

The globalization of medicine has brought tangible results in the form of free access to materials, technologies and technological innovations. clinics install implants manufactured. All the best dental clinics in the world buy them from the same manufacturers. Therefore, doctors from will offer the patient the same implants.Both and abroad, doctors use the equipment and tools of the world’s leading medical concerns. For example, in a European computed tomograph is installed. It is only in 5% of clinics. Therefore, the material and technical equipment for dental implants is not inferior to clinics in Switzerland, Israel and Germany.

  • Implants are purchased from the same manufacturers
  • In our and foreign clinics use the same materials and equipment

Does the quality of services differ and abroad?

dentistry confidently holds the bar high. The implant survival rate in our country reaches 98%, which corresponds to the world level. With the equality of materials and technologies, qualification comes to the fore. A good doctor is the key to the success of treatment. Even the most expensive implant will not take root if the doctor incorrectly installs it.

What about the quality of services in our country?

We will not sign for the entire dentistry, we will give examples from our own experience. Each doctor of the Clinic regularly improves their qualifications at practical and scientific conferences, seminars, and meetings. They take place and abroad. The best dentists from around the world share their experience, new technologies and practical experience.

  • The doctors of the Clinic completed more than 220 continuing education courses both
  • and abroad. Each of our specialists has installed more than 2,000 implants.
  • Of course, in our country you can get services no worse than in foreign clinics.
  • The quality of dental services is no worse than in Europe
  • Doctors Passed Over 220 Continuing Education Courses

Warranty? Warranty!

We are well aware that patients come to the clinic not for the service, but for real help. We are ready to be responsible for our work, therefore we give 5 guarantees of the result for implantation. Among them are the following.

  • If the implant does not take root, we will return 110% of the cost of implantation.
  • Warranty for 50 years. During this period, the implant will be reinstalled for 50% of the implantation cost.

Unfortunately, this level of responsibility is not observed everywhere. Government agencies offer minimal guarantees, and most commercial clinics are prepared to provide only a manufacturer’s implant warranty.

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  2. What guarantees should the clinic give?
  3. How to make an implant last 50 years?

Financial issues

The services of foreign dentists are much more expensive than ours. We know this for sure from our patients from Europe. Yes, yes, people from the European Union come to us for treatment in order to save on treatment. Installation of implants in Europe is more expensive than , and this operation is not included in medical insurance. A logical question arises: why go abroad with the equality of materials, highly qualified doctors and the obvious success of the technology? In a foreign trip you will have to bear the inevitable overhead: tickets, accommodation, meals, visas. We care not only about the quality of treatment, but also about your financial comfort. The « ” clinic provides for payment in installments under 0%. We simply divide the amount into several parts, which you will not deposit immediately, but gradually. No interest is charged, paperwork takes place in the clinic. In addition to this, we will help you return 13% of the cost of treatment . You can get back 13% of the cost of treatment. Regular promotions held by the clinic will also help to save . For example, now a special offer of implantation Alpha Bio with a guarantee of 50 years from is relevant. Thanks to the quality of services, which without exaggeration can be called world, thousands of patients trust us, including theater and film actors.

Clinic trusted by many celebrities

Anvar Libabov – theater and film actor, lyceum and patient of the clinic

Where to put implants?

It is more profitable, easier and more reasonable to put implants . Make an appointment – the initial consultation is completely free! You will receive an individual treatment plan and a unique set of guarantees.

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