Your look with new kurta design for iftar dinner parties

To be sufficiently explicit, the holy month of Ramadan probably outperforms when it comes to renewing your semiformal wardrobe. Invitations are traditionally accumulate after the first Ashra (10 days) and girls need a wardrobe iftar ready.

Worrying will not solve anything; go shopping! Confused about “what to wear” on “what kind of party iftar”? krosskulture is at your service with their New kurta Design. Keep reading for a serious fashion guide.

Formal look

Good morning, it drops a message in your inbox saying: “Dear team, we invite everyone to an official dinner iftar”. At the same moment when your mind stops, “But that’s the last, I did not prepare me for this I literally have nothing to wear!

I feel you. But when there is a will, there is always a way.

The Outfit

Krosskulture’s picturing you in dark and fresh radiant colors “sophisticated and sassy” written all over it. Krossulture’s kurta collection is a fusion of eastern and western art traditions. For your formal Iftar party krosskulture’s kurta’s are perfect.

A sunny yellow coat with trousers to match contrasted brilliantly with a midnight blue shirt and delicate embroideries suffused with the same tint. If that won’t make the impression you’re adamant on emitting, I don’t know what will!

The kurti shirts

Stepping in style was never a choice! Your kurti shirts can honestly make or break your formal outfit. Put on a wrong outfit and that entire dazzle goes down the drain. I’d say you should go for a pair of radiant colors.

Iftar Dawat Look

Your relatives have called you and they want you to attend her annual iftar dawat where you will be meeting at least 50 people. Obviously, you can’t say no because the iftar spread is super delicious. This is how you should dress.

The Outfit

Taking out your most daring character is possible thanks to this long shirt model with which you will surprise wherever you go. Whether at work, to take your children to school or on an afternoon of shopping, these shirts will bring a youthful look to your ‘look’. Also attend to the special design of their necks. It’s a must this summer!

Last Weekend Look

It’s the last Friday before Eid. You and your friends have planned to eat at your favorite buffet of this season. At this moment, you want to glam out. Who knows if you’ll get time for an Eid Milan dinner or not?

The Outfit

Beyond long shirts, you will need more cool clothes so that your comfort is never compromised, and if you can do it in a novel way, you will dazzle all your companions. The magic of this shirt with lacing will be the definitive influence so that your summer image is as bold as possible.

Lawn is a very special fabric that will give you the opportunity to wear all kinds of designs. With this embroidered dress, you will get a piece of marked elegance that will occupy a preferential place in your wardrobe. And is that this dress is ideal to look in everyday life , bringing you that touch ‘chic’ you always need to look radiant. Your ‘look’ will gain a lot of presence thanks to a design as elegant as it is casual.

Get your looks now

This Ramzan, krosskulture’s kurta collection has created special collections for you to wear. Go on to and check out more collection

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