Festival of dresses: bet on light and cool clothes to wear in summer

The warmer days call for lighter, fresher pieces that help you dribble the heat, without losing your comfort and style. The best request is to bet on the festival of dresses and choose one to call your own!

The dress is one of the most democratic, delicate, feminine and versatile pieces of fashion. That is why women can bet without fear in him, being able to use the piece in the most diverse situations.

That’s because depending on the model and, of course, the rest of the combination, the dress can be worn on occasions as diverse as the work environment, family programs, casual outings, and more formal events. Let’s see some examples?

Printed dress

In the summer, this is a practically irresistible piece! Many women invest in the digital shirt printed dress, which in addition to offering the comfort and natural lightness of this model of clothing, still brings a touch of personality to the look.

It is no exaggeration to say that printed dress is a piece that never goes out of style. Therefore, practically every woman has in the closet at least one dress with floral print, animal print, geometric or ethnic, among other patterns.

Whether it’s an exotic, romantic or more sensual version, you will be inspired by this play. Enjoy!

Rolled dress

In summer, it is common to wear more colorful clothes, with prints and vibrant tones. But do not forget that the modeling of the piece also makes all the difference.

When choosing your dress, consider choosing a model that values ​​your body. And it’s worth leaving a little skin on display, why not?

The knee-length or mid-size dress is an example of an elegant, feminine piece that allows for a variety of combinations. He still leaves a piece of legs out, which helps to refresh.

Who appears with prominence in this composition is the footwear. Sandals and new collection of prêt clothing add value to the look.

Long Dress

For those who have a more discreet style or just go to a situation that asks to hide more body, the long dress is an excellent choice.

The piece is still very feminine, comfortable and fresh. And as it generally does not have sleeves, the long dress maintains the freedom of movements.

It is an infinitely more comfortable option, for example, than a pair of jeans. And it can be used for both a family outing in the park, going to work or church.

Pret shirt, pents and  thicker belts and waist bands help to compose the look with more style. On your feet, opt for more comfortable and lower footwear. No jumps, especially if they are thin! This dress model does not talk well with this type of shoe.

All of these models of dresses that we mention are democratic, can be worn by women of all ages, different styles, and have physical bodies and types with varying specifications .

And you know what’s best of all? These models of dresses are affordable and can be easily found in our  Online shopping  stores where you can avail to buy other items and accessories  to match the clothes you choose.

How about our tips to take advantage of the festival of dresses and bet on the most feminine and democratic part of the women’s wardrobe? If you want to look for more collection you can check visit beautiful collection online  shopping  krosskulture

if have some  trick to wear dresses on hot days or have some suggestion of how to better match the piece, share in the comments of this post!



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