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Carhartt sweatshirts – three different weights for different requirements

For many years, Carhartt offered two weight classes for its sweatshirts: midweight and heavyweight. These two weights were appreciated by customers not only for their warmth, but also for the durability of the sweatshirts. A few years ago, Carhartt launched a few different thermal sweatshirts, and retailers struggled to keep them on their shelves. Word spread quickly that a sweatshirt was almost as warm as a coat. Could they find another warming solution for sweatshirt fans? No one knows for sure, but let’s find out the applications for the other three weights first. Men Plain Sweatshirts

Carhartt’s midweight sweatshirts come in a variety of styles, with or without a hood and with or without a zipper. With a 10.5-ounce cotton/polyester blend, this sweatshirt offers good warmth. In many cases, this sweatshirt keeps you warmer than the warmest sweatshirts from other brands. This is a great sweatshirt if you’re looking for something to combat the morning chill or extra warmth when the sun goes down in the evening. With so many different color options, most customers will likely find a combination that suits their fancy.

The next warmest weight Carhartt offers in its sweatshirt lineup is the heavyweight. A 13-ounce cotton and polyester blend provides excellent warmth. These sweatshirts are currently only available in a hooded and zipped or unzipped version. Since this is the warmest sweatshirt offered in a while, many men have mentioned that this is their favorite sweatshirt that they don’t wear for work, but if it weren’t for the thermal lining, they would still wear it. This and all of the other sweatshirts are available in a variety of colors, and many of them come in a large version as well. This extra length on the torso and arms allows taller workers to keep the sweatshirt from pulling up on their arms or stomach. Wholesale Hoodies & Sweatshirts

The very warm, almost as warm as a jacket, thermal lined sweatshirt from Carhartt is definitely another rugged and durable product. It is made of a 12-ounce cotton/polyester blend and has a polyester thermal lining to retain heat. Recently, a customer came to us looking for a new sweatshirt after wearing his for four years and it finally looked worn out. He said it was still warm and he would continue to wear it, but not at work because his co-workers would tease him about it. Many people wear these sweatshirts along with lined overalls for their cold weather outfits. If there is a sweatshirt that will keep you warm in sub-freezing temperatures, you should put your money on it. Carhartt probably had a hard time deciding if this sweatshirt should be called a sweatshirt or a jacket with its warm performance. This sweatshirt is only available with a zipper and a hood.

Many people will disagree with you if you don’t think their sweatshirts are the best on the market. Even though they continue to develop different styles (mock, quarter-zip, etc.), the three levels of warmth remain very consistent. This consistency has made the company what it is today, and allows its brand to stand proudly for quality and durable workwear.

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