Apparel wholesalers - quality vs. cost

Apparel wholesalers – quality vs. cost

Every apparel retailer depends on good relationships with their apparel wholesale suppliers. These suppliers provide the products retailers need to stay in business. Building solid relationships with these suppliers is an important building block for success. As a result, suppliers that focus on leading trends, changes in the fashion industry and quality construction are always in high demand. For a new retailer, finding the right suppliers means carefully researching and talking to potential suppliers. It’s also a good idea to ask for references from other retailers.

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There are many options for wholesale discount apparel suppliers. If cost is an important consideration for retailers, one solution may be to seek suppliers in other countries where textiles and labor are cheaper. There is often a misconception that these suppliers offer lower quality goods. However, this is not always the case. There are many quality wholesalers abroad that offer lower cost textiles without sacrificing build quality. Depending on the market a particular retailer serves, foreign wholesale suppliers can often be a more favorable option, both in terms of cost and the product assortment offered.

Retailers know their individual market best. They should know what products and accessories their customers are looking for and what level of quality they expect. With this knowledge, the retailer should search for the best supplier for their wholesale apparel business. If the retailer needs to order smaller quantities or custom items, they should look for wholesalers that can provide these terms while providing the quality and selection of styles that are appropriate for the retailer’s market. Requesting samples or placing a minimum order with a new supplier is one way to get an idea of what the supplier offers.

Ordering from foreign apparel wholesalers may not be the best option for every retailer. However, dismissing all foreign wholesalers as inferior can only hurt retailers by eliminating the possibility of potential savings. In today’s climate of global business, cost reduction is a major concern for virtually all companies. Every avenue deserves to be explored, and for apparel retailers, foreign wholesalers offer tremendous potential savings. There are high-quality wholesalers just waiting to be found. Often, these suppliers are willing to go the extra mile to offer better options that meet retailers’ needs. They know that quality is important, and many of them work hard to provide the best quality without sacrificing the benefits of their lower cost economy.

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