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What is the importance of Gas Safety Check in UK?

It is primarily designed to inspect all gas appliances, including water heaters, stoves and fires (permanent or portable), to ensure they function properly and safely. A recognized gas safety engineer MUST perform a gas safety check. Each household with gas appliances must undergo an annual gas safety check by a …

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Gas Safety Check for the UK Landlords – Basic Duty for Owners

The law requires the landlord’s gas safety certificate, also called the landlord’s gas safety check, for all rental accommodations in the United Kingdom where there are gas appliances. The requirement is set out in the Gas Safety Regulations (installation and use) of 1998. The law requires that all gas appliances …

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Know Your Gas Safety Duties and Secure Your Occupants

Basic Information About Gas Safety Check As a landowner you ought to know that you are liable for the safety of your occupants. Your legitimate obligations apply to a wide scope of convenience involved under a rent or permit, including (yet not constrained to): Private premises given to lease by …

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