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10 essential questions to ask yourself before choosing a web hosting

The moment of choosing a web host is a crucial moment and is often subject to many questions. What questions should you ask to be sure you are choosing the best possible web hosting solution? We guide you in your search!

  1. What type of server do I want?

You may be unaware of it but there are several possibilities of different servers. These possibilities depend on your needs: do you want to share your server with other websites (shared server) or do you want one for you only (dedicated server)? Of course the price is not the same. So unless you have hundreds of thousands of visitors to your page, you should probably go to shared servers.

  1. What does my site contain?

Then, you will seek to answer the following question: what type of content will be published on my site? Will it be average quality content that requires little space and RAM, or on the contrary high quality content that imperatively requires hosting capacity above the average? Your choice of free or paid hosting will depend heavily on it.

  1. What domain name do I want to have?

Some free hosts offer free domain names but require you to include their names inside. A good way to have a free domain name therefore, but you may also lose some credibility with your visitors. Among the paying hosts, some offer you a free domain name when you subscribe to their services.

  1. Is the security system ready?

This is probably the most important point since all of your data depends on it. So be sure to choose a web hosting you trust! You will therefore check the frequency of their automatic backups, if they are protected against fraudulent attacks, if they store data in several different places, etc. DMTwebhosting is for the moment the only host to host your data in several different data centers (this is called geo-redundancy).

  1. Is customer service reassuring?

First of all, you will see if it is available 24/7 (a breakdown can occur at any time, so you might as well have an operational customer service at any time of the day). Then, you will try to get in touch with them to be sure that they will have to support you in the event of a glitch with your site.

  1. How much change for my page?

An important question is to ask yourself what modifications I would like to make on my website. Do I wish to have templates already made for me? Or do I want a basic solution where the host provides minimum content and leaves me free to modify the layout?

The 1st solution is certainly the most economical but it will offer you very little room for maneuver. If you want more, then you will certainly choose the second solution.

  1. How many professional email addresses will be provided to me?

Free sites will tend to provide you with only one email address on behalf of your business. However, you may well need several (especially if you are not alone in your business). You will then probably have to think of a paid solution to obtain this comfort.

  1. What does it bring more than its competitors?

We saw it for the DMTwebhosting site which offers geo-redundancy to its customers. But it can also relate to the interface, the performance of customer service or another characteristic that you will retain essential to carry out your website.

  1. The cost of your web host?

Of course, cost is one of the important questions you need to ask yourself. Is it necessary to pay for a web host? If so, what price should you put? It will of course depend on your personal needs! So remember to choose the offer that best suits your site.

  1. How long do I have to commit?

If you are signing up, be sure to keep an eye on how long your contract is running. If promotions will surely be offered to you in the event of a long-term commitment, this will also mean that you will have to remain loyal to your host for a longer or shorter period. Hence the importance of thinking carefully before choosing your internet host.

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