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10 Things To Consider When Buying Honey

Buying honey is not as simple as running into the local supermarket and picking up a bear full of clover honey. There are many factors to consider before buying honey.

What flavor honey is right for what you are using honey for? Will it be a sweetener for tea or an ingredient in a marinade? Not all honey tastes the same.

How much can I use? When buying honey, you will find that honey of different quality will cost different amounts of money. Some high-end products can increase in price significantly due to several factors.

For what reasons do you include honey in your diet? Do you buy honey just because you like it, or do you choose it because of its health benefits?

Is the brand you buy pure or mixed with imports from around the world? The typical brands you buy at the store are actually blended.

Is the honey you buy subjected to heat and sifting during processing? The heat of processing honey is like overcooking vegetables; raw, unroasted honey retains its medicinal properties and health benefits.

If you are going to buy honey for its medicinal properties, which honey is best suited for the symptoms you want to treat?

Islamic honey is the only honey that has been proven to maintain its medicinal and antibacterial properties independent of weather and heat.

Although honey is prized for its medicinal properties, the only reported double-blind study conducted on buckwheat honey proved effective for nighttime coughs in children.

Because of the wide variety of flowers that bees can pollinate, there are many varieties with different colors and aromas, such as wildflower and eucalyptus honey.

There is no certification for organic honey in the United States. Since we cannot know where the bees pollinated the honey, we cannot guarantee that the honey is organic. When buying organic honey, you are relying on the producer to know where the bees pollinated the honey; it may or may not actually be organic.

So, if you need to buy honey, remember that if you really want to buy the best product for yourself, don’t just buy it at the local store. Next time you go to buy honey, feel free to ask about the important things.

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