Air Conditioner Inverter – Why are people talking about it!

Air conditioners have been in use for hundreds of years, but there was no innovation that required energy efficiency, since electricity was always available and was cheap decades ago. About 70% of the electricity was obtained from the oil that was purchased in the Arab countries at an affordable price. But the 1973 conflict between Arabs and Israelis led to an increase in oil prices of more than 400% and has been on the rise ever since. Electricity became a necessity and more expensive, and the need to conserve it led to the upgrading of air conditioning systems to make them more energy efficient for homes and for commercial purposes.

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The search to save the air conditioner led to the invention of the air conditioning inverter. In general, it is known that air conditioners consume the maximum commercial and domestic power in all the developed countries of the world. Because of that, many countries use AC inverters for energy efficiency and affordable electricity bills.

It will be worth investing in an air conditioning inverter if you use your cooling system all year round, especially in hot, dry or humid weather conditions. Some of the benefits of an AC inverter are:

  • They are 30-50% cheaper to use, since the energy consumption is much lower.
  • They reach the desired temperature much faster than normal units.
  • They work much quieter
  • No compressor voltage peaks
  • No temperature fluctuations that in turn maximize indoor comfort levels
  • They require low power and starting current compared to normal units.
  • Inverter air conditioners are worthwhile because they work efficiently and reduce your monthly energy costs, allowing you to save a lot in the long term.

Merits of an Air Conditioner Inverter

There are many advantages in installing an air conditioner inverter simply because of its promise to provide precise cooling or heating energy as needed with low power consumption. An AC inverter adjusts the speed of the compressor to control the gas flow and consume less energy. Normal air conditioners without inverters deliver only a fixed amount of power and speed, which means that the compressor stops at intervals to maintain the desired room temperature, which causes fluctuations in cooling and heating. On the other hand, an AC inverter has adequate temperature control and the unit is programmed to adjust the capacity and eliminate the fluctuations after reaching a set temperature. A normal unit also starts and stops repeatedly, which causes the power consumption and current to decrease when the operation stops and then triggers abruptly when it is restarted, which causes temperature variations and high energy consumption. However, an air conditioner inverter is technically and functionally superior to the 5 star AC without an inverter, since it consumes less energy for the same amount of cooling. Although it costs more than a normal unit, the excess can easily be covered by the amount of money you save on energy bills. If every home and commercial establishment used the AC inverter, imagine how much electricity can be saved every day for that particular city and for the nation! You can probably say that you can save millions and millions of fossil fuels for future generations.
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