Basic Info about Electrical test certificate for UK Landlords

An electrical test certificate or inspection refers to a thorough verification of the electrical connections and wiring installed in your home. Electrical test certificate is an extremely broad term that covers many different areas of inspection of systems that use electrical currents to flow. Electrical inspection is essential for every home to ensure the safety of residents.

 Electrical tests are an essential procedure. Electrical tests are an essential task and can be difficult, so it is necessary for a professional to do so. The electrical test report is shown on a test certificate that is a legal document. The inspection offers the ideal opportunity to verify the general condition of the equipment and if all the parts are in good condition.

Electrical tests ensure that various aspects of the electrical system work correctly. First, it ensures that the systems work as intended, as in the case of RCD tests. Secondly, it guarantees a safe working environment without unnecessary risks, such as during maintenance and testing of smoke detectors. Third, it ensures that an employer sufficiently complies with legal regulations to avoid fines for non-compliance, negligence or unsafe work environments.

There are different types of tests depending on the type of electrical equipment you use and the different risks associated with that type of equipment.

Our London Property Inspections Certificates engineer will perform several tests, such as visual tests, dead tests, live tests and coding to provide you with an electrical certificate. These are the most basic processes that we will carry out during the day and that you may want to keep as a reference. In Landlord Safety Certificates we are qualified to perform a series of security controls and to issue safety certificates. We can also evaluate the energy efficiency of your property and issue an energy performance certificate (EPC). Our engineers are registered with Gas Safe and Stroma. We also have a NAPIT and NICEIC certification.

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