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Ever marvel what that big kitchen knife with a curved blade is known as — and if all people certainly wishes one? It’s a Damascus butcher knife, primarily used by, well, butchers, hunters, and expert chefs, but it is also the nice kitchen knife domestic cooks can use to cut meat. While a chef’s knife may be used, butcher’s knives are designed for butchering and breaking down large pieces of meat: The blade length lets in for lengthy, smooth slices while the curve is right for buying under the skin and around bones.

The blades on Damascus butcher’s knives additionally have a tendency to be super sharp, thick and made of heavy responsibility metal. This sturdiness enables prevent chipping and certainly lets in you to get between the beef and bone to interrupt it aside.

In the Good Housekeeping Kitchen Appliances Lab, we examined long butcher’s knives with curved blades on bone-in pork butt and practiced getting rid of the hard skin, fat, and bone. Our preferred Damascus Butcher knives felt easy and secure in our hand, had textured handles with a slip resistant grip, and have been easy to clean (slicing uncooked meat can get messy!) We also preferred those that have been superb sharp, making clean paintings of difficult cuts of meat. Below are our favorite butcher’s knives:

Do you really want a Damascus butcher’s knife?

If you need the nice knife for cutting meat, sure. While Damascus butcher’s knives might appear intimidating to the average home chef, they’re a totally beneficial tool if you purchase meat in bulk. A chef’s knife may be used to Damascus Butcher meat, however Damascus Butcher knives are better designed for the job with their lengthy and curved blade.

A properly Damascus Butcher knife is also very beneficial for trimming meat. They easily slice away fats and silver skin, that thin, vibrant movie on red meat that reasons it to be chewy when cooked.

How to pick out the satisfactory butcher’s knife?

Balance: When searching for butcher’s knives (and all knives), be sure to hold them before buying. All knives experience different from their deal with to their heft. Some knives feature a complete tang, which means the blade runs all the way via the manage. Full tang knives are believed to be better balanced, and is key for users who like the feel of a heavier knife. A properly balanced knife provides greater control over the knife, permitting you to completely carry out all your butchering obligations.

Size: Most Damascus Butcher knives variety in period from six inches to fourteen inches. The smaller sizes are accurate for smaller portions of meat, like rooster or chops, whilst the larger are accurate for larger hunks, like venison. The smaller knives also are suitable for purchasing around bone, whilst the bigger knives are satisfactory for skinning in one long swipe. In addition to their one of a kind makes use of, smaller Damascus Butcher knives are greater portable, making them appropriate options for out of doors makes use of inclusive of searching or tenting. Eight to ten-inch Damascus Butcher knives are popular for home cooks, whilst the bigger sizes are extra commonly utilized by professional cooks.

Blade: Damascus Butcher knives normally have thicker blades than different knives. They’re manufactured from robust metal, which can help you get thru tough pieces of meat without the concern of breaking or chipping. Some have a little bend to them, like a boning knife or a filleting knife, top for getting around bone. The less flexible Damascus Butcher are desirable for chopping, or even breaking via the occasional bone. A tremendous sharp blade is critical for butchering, as is part retention, so be sure to choose excessive carbon chrome steel, which is known for holding its sharpness for a long term.

Handle: There are many sorts of knife handles to pick out from. Some are timber, others are plastic or metal. Some textured handles experience very slip resistant, which is the style we choose because butchering can get slippery. Wooden handles have more of a traditional sense to them, but require more maintenance due to the fact they are able to get rough over the years. After washing and drying absolutely, rub wooden handles with a mineral oil to assist keep them.

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How to apply a butcher’s knife

While the encouraged manner to maintain a knife is the usage of the “pinch grip” (pinching the bottom of the blade together with your pointer finger and thumb), we located the high-quality manner to hold a butcher’s knife turned into by using firmly maintaining the deal with and curling your pointer finger all the way around to protect it. Some Damascus Butcher knives even feature a finger protector because of this.

The very tip of the blade is ideal for purchasing between the skin and meat, and the curved component is beneficial for setting apart it more. The complete period of the blade can then be used to make lengthy, smooth slices. Slices can be made horizontally to skin or trim the beef, or vertically to reduce or chop it.

The curved part of the blade is also designed to get across the bone well. When touching the bone, it is able to be circled to push it away and separate it from the beef.

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