Choosing online content marketing

Choosing online content marketing service providers made easy

Have you wondered why? In the quest for “content gold,” marketing service providers are “heading west” as more and more companies transform their media programs and adopt content marketing dominance.

Many of them are struggling for content dominance or trying to “ride the wave” to content marketing success.

However, there are some content marketing agency truths you need to know to find out where it’s all going!


Most content marketing agencies don’t market content

Yes, it’s a hard fact to swallow that most organizations don’t do content marketing at all. Marketing organizations are notorious for focusing on sales-driven marketing campaigns where sales relationships and cold calling rule.

Lack of patience or lack of resources, whatever you may cite as the reason, agencies that provide content services rarely create great content that attracts and sells and helps retain their customer base.

Business Lessons – Before hiring online service providers, take a closer look at their past work and see if the content created serves the purpose or was just to satisfy “me too” blogs that can be found all over the web.


Most SEO agencies don’t know the ABCs of content marketing.

Google is smart, and it’s almost impossible to manipulate the system. Getting found via search engines has more to do with incredible storytelling than anything else.

Today, many SEO companies want to put all the focus on this marketing, why? The reason is that in addition to the real SEO tricks, the value they used to offer clients, which used to be huge, is no longer the same.

Many SEO companies are in the same situation and are making the switch swiftly. Others have abandoned the moniker content marketing for their SEO content creation service and call it text marketing.

Yes, it must be said that they have added services like video production, infographic creation, blog content creation, but you must note that content creation is only a small part of these services.

As a result, the strategic planning elements of private audience capture, internal content integration, mission statement creation, analytics and measurement outside of content consumption metrics are missing.

Business Lessons – Comprehensive planning fulfills many business objectives. SEO is just a small part that covers a few marketing missions. Therefore, make sure this strategy goes beyond the primary funnel considerations.


Most content marketing agencies care about planning and not execution.

It’s a good thing that you plan your content, strategize, but for how long? When will you put it into practice properly to see the predicted results? Only planning and not executing to see the results means that all efforts come to naught.

This is what happens with a majority of online content marketing service providers. More so, even some content planning documents show recommendations that less content be produced or even that the content program be discontinued altogether.

With this kind of thinking, one can only guess where these agencies will end up and in what state?

Business Lessons – Even if you have hired online text marketing service providers for content execution only, ask them for an executable text marketing strategy as well. It will help you to know what the agency knows about your industry and how they plan to serve the audience, as content execution is more natural than designing a content strategy.


Most content agencies still think of content marketing as a campaign

Companies need to understand that unlike other types of marketing, it is an ongoing process and has no end date. It should not be considered a campaign at all.

If you think of content marketing as a campaign, you are working for execution and success within a defined timeframe, which is a wrong approach.

This is an ongoing process that your online content marketing service providers need to work on full throttle, with no end date, to incrementally increase success.

Business Lessons – Stay away from online service providers who refer to this as a “campaign” rather than a “program”. It is crucial to do because an agency refers to it as a campaign that will work for them for a short period of time and not ongoing.

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