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Damascus Steak Knives: Impress Your Guests with Style and Functionality

The Damascus steak knives are a practical and especially more aesthetic version of the classic table knives. They are designed to facilitate the cutting of pieces of meat. The slim and graceful design allows, as a bonus, to set up a superb table to impress the guests.

Buy A Damascus Steel Knife Of The Highest Quality

The quality of a Damascus steel Knife is determined by its cutting edge and the handle material and blade. Stay with us to find out more.

The Blade

Most restaurants offer serrated knives for tasting a piece of meat. Steak knives with serrated blades tend to stay sharp longer and require less maintenance and sharpening. In most cases, they are unfortunately very blunt. Such a Damascus steel Knife will only rip the flesh of the meat instead of cutting it gracefully.

The smooth blade steak knives cut much better through the meat. The type of steel used is often more resistant allowing a relatively sharp sharpening. A smooth blade is also much easier to sharpen oneself than a serrated blade. A Damascus steel Knife with a smooth blade is unfortunately much more expensive to buy.

The blade of a Damascus steel Knife is no match for a porcelain or ceramic plate. To keep the sharpness of your steak knives, it is advisable to use a wooden serving board!


The handle of a Damascus steel Knife is usually as long as the blade and made from beautiful materials such as wood, horn or stainless steel. What always match his steak knives to his tastes and his table service?

Damascus steel Knife sets

Steak knives are sold individually or in sets. The Damascus steel Knife sets offer a good price and allow you to have coordinated knives for all the guests. Some people, however, like to buy different steak knives individually to create their own collection.

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