Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives – Handmade Knives for Bread and Vegetables

Bread Damascus Steel knives: to cut bread but not only!

bread knife has a long and serrated blade that is used to cut all types of bread. Crusts hard to soft through the sandwich bread and brioche. But did you know that the bread Damascus Steel knife also cuts cakes and pies? They can also peel hard fruits and vegetables such as melon, pumpkin and celery.

Buy a bread knife of the best quality

When buying a bread Damascus Steel knife, it is important to pay attention to the length of the blade and serrations as well as the shape of the handle and its material.

The blade of a bread knife

The bread knife is the only kitchen knife that, by definition, has serrations. These serrations prevent the bread from crushing during cutting. The pressure of the blade is concentrated on the ends of the serrations, allowing them to easily penetrate the hard crust.

Different serrations
our range consists of a large number of bread knives. We have on average 4 different serrations. • Fine serration with different heights
• Saw tooth serration
• Inverted serration
• Classic serration

Of course we tested them all. Curious to know which the best is? Check out our bread knife test.

Most bread knives have a blade between 20 and 30 centimeters long. The longer the blade, the easier it is to cut bread in one motion. The result is therefore more constant. It also becomes easier to cut a long wand. When we look at the shape of the Damascus Steel knife, we notice a difference on the end of the blade. Some bread knives are dull, others are sharp. It is above all a safety measure to prevent the risk of accidents but it is also sometimes a choice of design.

Handle of a bread knife

It must above all be comfortable. Pay attention to its design and thickness. Note: Bread knives are specially designed for right-handed or left-handed use. It is therefore important to read the characteristics of the knives on our site. In addition to form, the material used is also important.

Bread knives with wooden handles are softer and need attention. The maintenance of a wooden handle is not difficult. We will explain how to take care of it in our Smart Info: How to treat a wooden knife handle? Damascus Steel Kitchen knives with wooden handles are not designed to be cleaned in the dishwasher. You still want to wash it? So we advise you to choose a knife with a plastic or stainless steel handle.

Sharpening a bread Damascus steel knife

Many users still think that it is impossible to sharpen a serrated knife. On the contrary. However, we must choose the right method of sharpening. Sometimes also the right sharpening equipment. To sharpen a blade like that of a bread knife, use a sharpening gun or a sharpening system with rod shaped triangle. For more specific information, see our Smart Info on sharpening bread knives.

Storage of the bread knife

Never store a kitchen knife in a drawer without precautions. Indeed, it could hit other objects that will chip the blade. Which will do no good to his cutting edge? It is also not very safe when you put your hand in your drawer. We recommend the use of a knife guard, a drawer insert, a magnetic bar knife holder or a knife block.


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