E juice vs eliquid – What’s the difference?

New comers to the world of vaping have a lot of new vocabulary to learn, with specific terms being used to describe both the equipment and the experience of using any kind of vaping device. It’s likely that two of the most used new phrases concern either e-juice or vape juice, and anyone unfamiliar with their meaning could be forgiven for assuming they are two distinct things, though they are actually the same.

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So what is e juice/e liquid?

Both e-juice and e-liquid are terms used to describe the fluid which fuels a vaping accessory. So whether you are using a closed system disposable type of e-cigarette, or have hand dripped the e-liquid into your customized vaporizer, the system works by heating the e-juice, which generally contains propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine, and flavorings, which is inhaled and becomes vapour.

Why have two changed expressions for the same thing?

Some people use the terms e-juice and e-liquid interchangeably, some prefer one over the other, and there are those who call it something else altogether, with vape juice being a contender for third place. It’s difficult to know for sure why two distinct terms have come into play, but one credible explanation is based on the way an individual relates to vaping.

E-liquid is a more formal, or official descriptive term, while e-juice naturally sounds more casual, like a nickname which could easily evolve from major fans of vaping. So those who have adopted a focused vaping lifestyle are probably more likely to refer to e-juice, and perhaps in turn marketers will fuel this by pushing a phrase they believe resonates more loudly with a particular social demographic. While on the other hand, peripheral buyers of vaping related items are more likely to stick with the more formal e-liquid.

In a nutshell

So if you have come across the terms e-liquid and e-juice and been confused about what differences there may be between them you need wonder no more. They are simply different terms for the same thing, and may be used either exclusively or interchangeably. If you’re interested, find out more about the Vype eliquids here.

Why do you buy Liquids E -Juice?

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What are the E liquids?

Vape juices or juices are usually given in the public by vapor E. Liquids E. Apart from water, these tasty liquids are made from 3-4 basic ingredients. Propylene Glycol is a colorless liquid and has little taste and low viscosity. Having a less viscous nature, it acts as a thinning agent with vape juice. Hence, you get a stronger hook on a throat if there are proportional ratios of composition.

In addition, for people who do not find this component much more suitable for their system, there are E liquids composed of vegetables and other flavorings. The VG is only more volatile in its state that allows you to have a more thick vapor when it comes to the coil. Moreover, you get all the taste that comes from this ingredient. It has a strong flavor, sometimes it tastes great. Therefore, most brands usually play with equal ratios to create a perfect balance between PG and VG. This allows the vaper to have more vessels experience.

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