Flower Friends: Community Created Beyond the Dreams

Today, we start the Florete 2019 online workshop, where we have a wonderful mix of new flower growers who have joined us from all over the world to learn about small-scale flower growing and how to build a thriving flower trade.

I’m excited to see students grow their own flower community and make friends with other participants in the course. Get Eid Gift Pakistan at very Cheap Price

When we moved from our farm workshops to the network, I was worried that we would never be able to replicate the same deep personal relationships that had taken place personally. But after listening to the many people who completed our online workshop last season and commenting on the importance of their relationships through the meaningful and valuable course, I realized that all this was disturbing.

One of the participants wrote in 2018:

“I think the most unexpected thing is how close the support community is from the Floret workshop on the Internet … it was very fun! “Many of the hearts are like thinking! The flower growers are really among the most pleasant people.”

Flower field blooming Last year, students from Florit’s online workshop organized their assembly events across the country, including a lavender planting workshop in Pennsylvania last fall

In Melbourne, Australia, two students who met online through the shop, then met the “real world”, has cooperated since the day of floral acts of kindness, a project that gets flowers sold wholesale and recruit volunteers to do bouquets of flowers for charity and the elderly. Citizens’ homes.

We also listened to attendees who organized visits to meet other Floritt students and toured their farms while traveling in the United States. United States, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. It was very exciting to see how these floral friendships develop and deepen and I am excited to see how this year’s lessons relate.

Hellebores at Flower Farm in bloom. Along with many celebrations, there was also some sadness. We recently learned of the premature death of Marion Eckel (in the picture below), an active member of the Small Flower Classes category online 2018 described as another group “the voice of wild enthusiasm for all.” We shared our joys and failures, beautiful flowers and rotting roots. ”

Marion and a small group of other participants in the workshop contacted inside and outside the classroom. She and her colleague Mary Mitchell Turner formed a group of fluorite workshop students on the Internet who were described as “19 BFFs sharing something together almost every day … We live apart from each other … Missouri to Massachusetts … We never met, but Marion’s death can To change that. “In fact, he did.

After the Marion Memorial Service, Mary wrote that she and the other BFF from her own online Florit workshop attended the Marion memorial service in Maryland’s Boyds. Mary made a bouquet of coupe and lisianthus (in the picture below) for the lobby and the other BFF of the workshop made two dalia sprays for each side of the altar.


Marion Eckle Memorial Monument After this service, he met flower friends with the Marion family and toured their trimmed gardens. “The dahlias, zinnias, nets and dragons, each cultivated and supported as they taught us, were testimony to the learning experience that Marion got through the path of the small flower” shared by Mary.

“I’m not sure anyone outside the Fluorite community can really understand the support we feel for someone we’ve never met, never heard, never touched … but it’s a real link.” Mary participated. “We lived our first year as farmers and farmers individually, but together, this wonderful experience is certainly not something I expected when it happened.”

The Marion family donated their books, magazines and horticultural seeds to the small group. Mary is now in the process of sending Marion’s books and seeds to the BFF from Florit’s workshop in Michigan, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Missouri and Tennessee.

Both BFF flowers will be planted in Marion’s memory next spring. What a beautiful tribute to Marion and the perfect model of why flower friends are the best.

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