Guide to choosing best summer fabrics for your kurtis

Blistering heat this summer has caused all you ladies to desperately look for outfits which can help you to keep your cool. Many of you should be facing a dilemma – whether to go for something fashionable or try to seek respite from the heat in comfortable outfits. But do you really have to choose between fashion and comfort? Can’t you enjoy the best of both worlds?

Most ladies struggle with indecision over what to wear when the sun is blasting. And you probably already know that when it comes to comfort, there is nothing better than kurtis and kurtas. However if you are not careful you may end up with a fabric which makes the situation worse. Most fabrics can’t absorb sweat and as a result, they tend to get stuck to your body. They make you feel uncomfortable no matter how nice and fashionable the dress looks.

So the idea is to be careful about your choice of fabric during the summer months.

Everybody knows that cotton and lawn by clothing brand Pakistan is good for summer season, but an important thing to keep in mind is that there are many myths about fabrics.

Let’s find out which fabric offers what advantages with regard to protecting you from the blasting sun:

What colors will you dress?

Already in summer we saw the first brush strokes of the original caldera color, but now in the middle of autumn our looks go directly to this tonality. Sophisticated and elegant, although not always suitable for skin types (Warm to the girls of warm skins: you are the chosen group to not stop using this color! And that is that the earth tones and browns feel great!)

If you want a safe bet, we have the green bottle that combined with earth tones you will create a look very much in line with this season. You can also continue using the bougainvillea (we tell you a secret … it is the key that is rented among our clients! But it does not surprise us; it is a color that favors ALL kinds of skins)

Cotton kurti patterns

Cotton kurti patterns are quite famous among women of all ages. From young to old, every woman loves to wear a comfortable cotton kurti. From trail cut to a line-cut you can get any kurti pattern for stitching with cotton. It not only feels comfortable, but adds to your style as well. The best thing is that you can use it as a day to day wear and as a special occasion wear! If you want to give your college friends some fashion goals, you can try out new designer kurti patterns in cotton kurtis!

Team it up with funky jewellery, flats and a designer bag to look like a true diva. Now brace up for heat being stylish. One more thing, from sleeveless to full sleeves, you can go any way!

In printed trendy kurti patterns, floral ones are timeless. For a fashionista look, you can count on these without being dubious.

Match them with your favourite footwear and step out in style.

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