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Can I Have A Hair Transplant With Retrograde Alopecia?

I’m considering having a hair transplant, but I just found out that I have retrograde alopecia. Am I still a candidate for surgery?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer, it depends on the objectives of the individual and the pattern of hair loss. However, let me elaborate a little more. First, let’s talk about retrograde alopecia and how it affects people with genetic hair loss and their donor supply. Retrograde alopecia is a form of hair loss that affects the lower part of the neck called the neck and the sides of the scalp just above the ears. This condition is quite common among people suffering from hereditary hair loss.

Hair replacement center in Pakistan
Hair replacement center in Pakistan

The main concern with hair transplant surgery is the extent to which hair loss will spread. In some cases, patients may have extensive hair loss above the nape of the neck, reaching what is called the permanent zone. In addition, many patients confuse retrograde alopecia with another condition called diffuse alopecia without pattern (DUPA). While both conditions may seem similar at the beginning, they are totally different.

DUPA is a type of androgenic alopecia (genetic hair loss). DUPA can affect both men and women. DUPA is a subtype of androgenic alopecia. The difference between the male pattern and the female pattern of hair loss is that DUPA does not follow any pattern. Therefore, the back and sides of the scalp can be thinned. DUPA is classified as diffuse thinning throughout the flutter. Unlike alopecia with diffuse pattern (DPA), DUPA lacks the stable permanent zone associated with other forms of alopecia. DUPA is defined as a general decrease in hair density without any defined pattern.

Hair transplant surgery is not an option for people with DUPA, since there is no permanent supply of donors. However, retrograde alopecia is contained in a specific portion of the scalp, specifically the sides over the ears and the nape of the neck. People with retrograde alopecia may be suitable candidates for surgical restoration of hair. However, retrograde alopecia would decrease his total supply of lifetime donors. Therefore, potential patients with retrograde alopecia may need to adjust their expectations and goals accordingly.

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