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There is something wonderful in the construction of a collection of folding knives. Folding knives are convenient. They do not require covers, you can take them anywhere and storage is easy. Folding knives are less intimidating and, often, less expensive than their fixed-blade brothers. Given the impact of 9/11 and the airport’s security problems, carrying a folding knife in your luggage still attracts less attention and suspects a fixed blade. Nowadays, the folders offer more options and fill more niches than the old knives. As a result, there are more collection opportunities than ever before. So, if you are considering starting a collection of folding knives, there is no better time than the present.


Considerations of the collection of folding knives

There are a number of considerations that lead to the creation of your knives collection. Does your interest lie in a particular brand of knives, for example, Buck, Case or another known manufacturer? Collectors build collections around knife styles; Standard folder, assisted openers and multi-blade varieties. Some are interested in particular types of knives designed for hunting, fishing, sports activities, rescue operations and tactical missions, while others are supreme works of art in general “beautiful to use”.


Other factors may also be important to you. Some collectors select folding blades according to the type of steel use, the shape of the blade or the locking mechanisms used for the safety of the user. Other more practical factors include the use; The folder could be a working knife used regularly to perform a task or it could be the knife that the delight of an artisan exhibited for the sake of beauty or monetary investment and was never used.

The cost can be a huge factor. Poor quality knives can be found from around $ 10. A commercially manufactured quality knife will range approximately between $ 50 and $ 200. The art pieces can start at approximately $ 200 and increase to thousands of dollars.


Showing your collection of folding knives is another consideration. Depending on your objectives, handmade folding knives can cost less than $  and a fine wooden chest starting at $ depending on size, construction and features. It is unlikely that you will paste a craft masterpiece on the back of a desk drawer. An adequate visualization is desired. Expenses can increase rapidly.


A modest collection can accumulate over the years and can only reach a value slightly higher than the purchase amounts. A very excellent specimen may be worth more than some complete collections. Yes, even the addition of some fixed knives “to have” can find a home in your family of knives. That’s the really great thing about a collection of knives. You make your own rules. Remember also that you can evaluate a collection for cash, but never for sentimental value and good memories. In fact, you will know that inherited parts, folders and fixed sheets may not be priced for you. They will not be for sale under any circumstances.


Meet your collection of folding knives

A serious collector is more than a sum of his collection. If your ultimate goal is a modest collection, you will want to continue to monitor the market for folding knives. It is a good practice to read about the knives that interest you. Blade Magazine and the current works are a good place to start. Learn the vocabulary. Study the trends. Keep in touch with your favorite manufacturers through newsletters if they are available. Get involved with others of similar interest by joining a club or association of knives. Many have newsletters and regular member events, in addition to the additional advantage of networking with skilled craft staff and experienced collectors.

Becoming an expert collector requires interest, the willingness to learn and the desire to experience new things. His final destination is the acquisition of a collection of folding blades that interest him in the years to come. You want a collection that you are proud to share with others. Over time you will not only accumulate knives, but also knowledge and great memories.

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