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What does ‘Jumbo Index’ mean?

This is probably the most frequent question we hear at The Bridge Source. The answer is quite simple. ‘Jumbo’ means very much, and ‘Index’ means how the steps (A, K, Q, J, 10,9, 8, etc.) and costumes (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs) are printed on the cards. So, ‘Jumbo Index’ means the steps, and more suit symbols are printed on the cards than the more traditional ‘Standard Index’. An example of each is illustrated in the pictures below. Note that the physical dimensions of the cards do not change. Jumbo Index Bridge card measures the same as a Standard Index card (2.25 “x 3.50”). The only thing that changes the size of the printing on the card.

Choosing the right index depends on different factors: the game you are playing probably determines what index you should use, but sometimes it is a sight of players who need a Jumbo Index Card. For example, some players find it difficult to recognize Standard Index cards because they have to press to see the small print on the cards, especially if they have to look over a large board to see their opponent’s cards. In these cases, relief is welcomed for the Player (s) struggling under the Jumbo Index. Conversely, if you are playing Bridges, Canasta, or any other game that requires you to have enough cards at the same time, you may prefer a Standard Index so that you can push the cards closer to together.

Standard Index and Jumbo Index are available from most manufacturers in plastic paper playing cards and 100%. The Bridge Source is delighted to give you a large selection of Standard and Jumbo Index playing cards.

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