How does smart device inventory management software work?

Inventory software for small business is an essential component of the back-store management process, which enables retailers to track and control inventory orders, as well as in-store distribution. The main goal of the inventory management process is to ensure that a sufficient quantity of product is available to customers, at the right time, in the right place and at the right price. And thanks to mobile data capture technology innovations, retailer inventory management is becoming more reliable and intuitive than ever before, paving the way for improved profitability and customer service.

At Alfa Cybernetics, we rely on the best mobile data capture technologies to make workflows more efficient. This is why the world’s largest retailers are working with us to create and optimize their inventory management software for mobile devices. Today, we’ll take a look at how retailers can leverage their consumers’ smart devices (such as smartphones or tablets) to fully mobilize their inventory management efforts, and how their employees can integrate an assisted mobile vision solution by computer to their supply chain.

Visibility through your stock management software

Among all facets of inventory management, there is a need for access to real-time inventory data, so that we can coordinate collective efforts and effect effective change in meeting customer needs and ensuring that the right item is available on the shelves, in the right place and in the quantity needed.

In fact, IBM said 79% of procurement managers reported that the existing lack of visibility was having a major impact on production chains. It is for this reason that tech-savvy retailers have migrated to smart device barcode reader applications to make their inventory management more transparent and efficient.

Detail of how stock management works on a smart device

By equipping their employees with smart devices with a powerful inventory management application, retailers can connect their employees to corporate supply chain systems in real time. From quick access to inventory levels and product information, to managing replenishment at the sales floor level, inventory software for small business on mobile devices offers a wealth of opportunities, helping to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Using computer-aided vision on smart devices in your inventory management system can play a major role in lowering labor and material costs, while simultaneously boosting your business’s productivity. By leveraging the use of mobile-based inventory management software, your employees can use their personal smartphones to quickly scan barcodes for correct counting.

Mobile inventory management applications can also enable barcode printing, weighing items, and scanning multiple products at the same time at inventory time. These applications can even allow inventory levels to be automatically updated as codes are scanned at the point of sale, or to verify quantities for a particular item at any time, simply by scanning its barcode.

Traditional reading vs. smart device inventory management apps

Before the advent of dedicated readers and smart device apps, all inventory management was done manually. A manager, or employee, would count the exact number of items in stock, using a simple calculator or notepad. Needless to say, this process was particularly inefficient and prone to many human errors. This is why most businesses these days use dedicated barcode readers when performing inventories.

While managing inventory using dedicated barcode readers is undoubtedly more efficient than the manual approach with a calculator, the enormous costs of deploying and maintaining this equipment at multiple sites make this approach particularly risky. This is why large companies are turning to Alfa Cybernetics smart device solutions to optimize inventory management tasks.


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