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Recently, huge changes have occurred in the way we work, communicate or spend time at the workplace. Technological advancement, from the point of view of the mobile application, has played a significant role for such a smart change. A wise decision on enterprise mobility is now considered a priority for all enterprises, regardless of their model, scalability, or size.

Enterprise mobile solutions provide real-time access to data, no matter where you are. He successfully attracts labor to plan and formulate strategic decisions, performing work flawlessly. This ultimately meets the needs of the business and easily increases its profitability. With software, connecting to your workforce and job sharing has become easier. This has opened up opportunities for stakeholders and the workforce to access relevant business information solutions. Similarly, with increased labor force participation, productivity has risen too much, as they can now work from anywhere just by using mobile devices. Thus, real-time cooperation with this corporate social networking system leads to teamwork, innovation, cooperation and minimization of business risks, which leads to a higher return on investment for the business.

According to a global study, mobility is considered a priority by 71% of enterprises, among which 63% consider it to be a vital factor in gaining a competitive advantage. By 2020, global corporate mobility market revenues are expected to reach $ 240 million. Now, before moving forward, let’s discuss the latest corporate mobility trends for 2019, which you can use when setting up the development of any enterprise applications.

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Merger potential for a dynamic business:

When the right solutions meet the needs of your business, it makes your business more powerful by increasing productivity, improving collaboration and communication. Let’s look at some of the right trends for your business to improve.

  • Artificial intelligence contributes to the complete automation of business operations and between them. Over time, many companies are guided by recent concepts of artificial intelligence, which include voice assistants such as Siri, face recognition software, and smart cars.
  • The Internet of Things is becoming increasingly popular as companies use IoT-enabled mobile applications to manage various smart devices and to promote automation. This allows users to use valuable data for effective and result-oriented business strategies.
  • Augmented reality broadens its wall of opportunities by creating simulations of business experience also with solutions for business mobility. It is currently used for interactive training of personnel from a remote location.
  • Cloud computing is due to the ability to freely access data regardless of time and place. It is also a cost-effective way to store extensive business data. Also, for data security, hybrid turbidity can help a lot.
  • Location-based services are meeting tech-savvy customers in the modern retail world. Thanks to the integrated GPS tracker and advanced Google search, retailers with extensive store footprints have become easier.

There is a continuous evolution of these trends. Thus, for a good user experience, for deep access to business data and for an impeccable business direction, it is best to prepare for updating the corporate mobile application taking into account the latest trends.

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