Learning to Operate Flash Drives

Bring your files with you

When working on transferring another document or computer file, you can always save it to your computer’s hard disk. But sometimes you may want to bring your file. In this lesson, we will talk about saving files.

Flash drives: Flash drives are small, removable hard drives installed on the USB ports on your computer. It is relatively inexpensive (usually less than 20)

Cloud storage: Cloud storage means that you save your files on Internet servers with an account with a cloud service. With cloud storage, you can access your files

Flash and cloud drives can be used to back up your files. To learn more, see our lesson on backing up your files.

Use a flash drive

Facilitate flash drives. You should always back up files on your flash drive elsewhere.

To connect to a flash drive:

Insert a flash drive into the USB port on your computer. You should find the USB port on the front or back of the computer (depending on where you have or have a desktop computer).

If you are using Windows, a dialog box may appear. If this occurs, select “Open Folder” to view the files. On a Mac, an icon appears

If a dialog box does not appear, open Windows Explorer Find or Finder. The name of the flash drive may be different.

To work with flash drives:

The files will not be moved and deleted:

If you want to copy from your computer to a flash drive, click on the file and drag it from the computer truck to this window.

The file will duplicate, save this new version to a flash drive. The original version of the file will be saved on your computer.

If you want to copy your computer file to your computer, click and drag the file from your window to your computer.

If you want to delete the drive profile, you can click the file in the Recycle Bin on a computer. A dialog box appears. If this occurs, click Yes to repeat that you want to permanently delete files.

If a dialog does not appear, you may need to empty the Recycle Bin to permanently delete files.

To remove safely

When using a flash drive, do not remove it from the USB port which will need to separate the file properly

Right-click on the flash drive and select Disconnect (or select Exit).

You can now safely remove a flash drive from the USB port.

If you’re using a Mac, you can click the drive button next to the flash drive in the Finder to drag it.

Save files to the cloud

There are many services that allow you to create a free account. The most common are Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. If you use it regularly, unusual or unusual. If you have a business and a license in the service.

Unlike physical media, the cloud cannot be. It’s easy to share files in the cloud. However, when you save one on the Internet, there is always. To protect your files, use a strong password and pay attention to the cloud service settings and metrics you use.


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