Modern caftan – a summer classic to wear not only at the beach

As for beach fashion, a new trend has emerged in recent years. Before embarking on a trip to the sea, you need to equip yourself with a few pieces of clothing that are both chic and comfortable. And it’s the modern caftan that finds its place in the vacation suitcase! Because, be honest with yourself – what could be better than wearing a modern, chic and romantic kaftan on the road to the beach! And as a bonus, the exceptional piece is part of the latest collections of major brands.

The modern caftan to put in the holiday suitcase – a piece of Moroccan or Turkish origin

The caftan is part of the traditional clothes of Eastern countries, worn by women as well as men. It is the exceptional embroidery and the different cuts that embody the cultural differences and demonstrate the social layer. In general, the caftan is made from natural materials such as cotton, linen, velvet, silk and wool for their ability to regulate body temperature in heat waves.

Apart from being one of the trendy beach fashion pieces, the modern kaftans for women UAE can be worn on any occasion – on seaside walks, at parties etc. The piece comes in a variety of designs, colors and patterns – that’s why it’s hardly surprising that it’s seen in the latest summer collections of a number of fashion brands. Timeless and very chic, the modern caftan is suitable for all body types, of course, you still have to choose the right model.

The modern caftan fits wonderfully with the ethnic patterns so popular these days. On the catwalks, renowned brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Tory Burch, Tommy Hilfiger, Hola Amor etc. offer us their exceptional interpretations of the modern caftan, inspired by traditional oriental clothes.

Modern caftan, adorned with ethnic patterns for an impeccable “street style” look

Very comfortable and chic, the modern caftan is a piece highly appreciated by bloggers. A synonym of elegant and romantic “street style” fashion, the caftan can be combined with high-heeled sandals or wedge sandals in neutral tones and with a clutch bag with ethnic motifs.

Extravagant kaftan fashion for fashion conscious women – ethnic patterns on a black background

A beautiful black dress, richly adorned with ethnic patterns, can perfectly replace the classic black dress. Combine it with a pair of high heels and a richly toned bag to show off the original dress.

Modern high-end caftan inspired by the traditional caftan – dare the embroidered velvet

A dark blue velvet kaftan, embroidered with glamorous gold patterns, such a piece undoubtedly presents a stunning appearance. A pair of sunglasses will complete the chic look.

Dare the caftan – a chic interpretation in black and yellow

In the streets of fashion capitals New York, Milan, Madrid and Paris, one sees fashionistas and fashion-conscious women parading fearlessly presenting their individual styles to the world. The modern kaftan in yellow and black and a pair of high heels – this forms the right arsenal for afternoons with friends or a chic party.

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