PC Repairs Canberra

A battery that runs off quickly can be a stress for you and your computer. CANBERRA uses remote support services to help identify the exact components that cause battery drain. We schedule time with you to analyze the services and features of your computer. This can extend battery life without necessarily destroying key components of your laptop. Guides you through the entire process  of safely disabling some computer components. This process can be useful in the future if you need to re-enable the feature. Our remote support service is an advantage, as you don’t have to leave home if you have a battery problem. We will help you in the cozy living room.

Updating laptop memory

Your computer may not start because one of the memory cards has failed. The removal process is one of the ideal ways to check if your memory card is not working. The laptop opens and determines which memory card is defective. Then wake up the laptop normally and replace the corrupted RAM. Your computer’s memory may be fully functional, but it does not have enough memory to perform certain tasks. Video editing and 3D games require so much memory that they may not be able to launch or run with full memory. Computer Inc at PC Repairs Canberra New Canberra updates your computer’s memory so you can do whatever you want.

Repair a portable keyboard

Laptop keyboards are constantly damaged due to liquid spills and careless handling. She has a small child at home and seems to be fascinated by the keyboard. If you’re curious, kids can try removing the button to ruin the keyboard. Replace old or damaged keyboards with new ones for a better typing experience.

USB port repair for laptop

Laptops are not considered complete without a functioning USB port. You can use the port to connect an external keyboard or mouse. Ports are also important when transferring files from flash drives or external hard drives. The USB port will not work due to reasons such as outdated drivers, software issues, or other issues arising from the USB port itself. Update the old driver so that the port works again. Also remove the motherboard, remove the USB port and fix a new one.

Repair cracked laptop screen

In Canberra, you can relive the screen of a dead laptop. Screen cracks are caused by small scratches, improper storage, or dropping. If not fixed, small scratches on the screen will cause significant damage and eventually cause the screen to be blank. If the screen is damaged, carefully remove the plastic tape covering the LCD screen screws and remove the screws from the LCD screen frame. Then transfer the LCD screen from the frame and disconnect from the inverter

Laptop power repair

With an uncharged laptop, you don’t know what the problem is. CANBERRA allows you to identify and repair power problems that your laptop can detect. Defective power button, damaged DC socket and fly motherboard, damaged RAM, short circuited computer components, etc. can cause power problems. Disconnect and reconnect important elements of the computer to diagnose energy problems. Once this is done, you can repair the laptop by changing the defective part.

Repair or replace laptop hard drive

The computer’s random lock and the appearance of an error message indicate a problem with the computer’s hard disk. At Canberra we understand how and why this happens. Use another system called S.M.A.R.T to check the status of the hard drive. Check disks are also used to eliminate errors when a hard drive fails without risking failure. New Canberra reinstalls the hard drive device drivers in case the hard drive is not recognized.

Laptop Wi-Fi Repair

The laptop may not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network once or twice. You can determine the exact reason this happens. Check the physical Wi-Fi adapter and look for broken drivers or software that is causing the problem. If you find that the adapter itself is causing the problem, replace the defective adapter with a new one. This allows your laptop to easily connect to the Internet.

Broken headphone connector

This probably happened to you or your friend earlier. Unexpectedly, he folded his headphone jack while changing his sitting position, or stood up while the headphones were still connected to the laptop. This will damage the headphone jack. The headphone jack may stop working out of nowhere, causing pain. Deal with New Canberra. Carefully open the laptop and replace the old card that supports the headphone jack. For laptops with connectors on the motherboard, desolder, remove and weld the new card.

Canberra computer repairs

The computer may stop accidentally. This happens when the laptop CPU is disconnected. You may see an error message indicating that the fan is broken. You can remove the fan from the laptop to see what went wrong. Occasionally lubricate the fan when necessary to get it running again. If not, replace the fan. CANBERRA solves all overheating problems and keeps your laptop running smoothly.


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