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Mobile app promotionThe endpoint for mobile applications are the GooglePlay and AppStore markets. There is no magic there, you will have to take care of downloading. It is almost impossible that a downloaded application without external advertising will become popular. Such exceptional cases do occur, but these are most often hype topics. As you know, hype is a short-term phenomenon.

To build high-quality traffic for downloading applications, it is necessary to develop and implement an advertising campaign. This area is different from regular advertising of goods and services on sites. The difficulty lies in the fact that it contains an intermediate stage – installation.

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We have put together in this description a short list of what we are doing to break away from zero downloads. The growth of active installations directly affects the ability to get into the main rotation of the stores. Once in the TOP, the application receives a powerful leap. You should correctly build a white marketing strategy. Be careful not to get into the lock sheets and say goodbye to the possibility of moving forward forever. To prevent this from happening, find out how to properly work on traffic when promoting a mobile application.

ASO – App Store Optimization

A set of measures to increase the position of the application in the tops of the App Store and Google Play. Includes:

  • The selection of keywords for promotion, the creation of a semantic core.
  • Description of the application in the store, taking into account the collected keys.
  • Options for converting screenshots / icons of the application.

ASO is a good tool for collecting free traffic, but by itself, nowadays, it no longer works. In order for the application to move up the selected query, the main important factors must be fulfilled. First of all, the volume of quality installations. Promotion of a mobile application in ad networks.


The most popular platform for promoting mobile applications. Depending on the geo / theme, the installation price can vary from 50 cents to 10 dollars. To work in the application, the Facebook SDK must be installed, this will allow you to buy cheaper and higher-quality traffic.


Contextual advertising from Google. A powerful system for purchasing traffic for anything around the world. The Google ADS advertising platform allows you to display ads in the form of text, graphic banners, video ads and interactive content.


In addition to the main GooglePlay and AppStore markets, there are dozens of large application directories. By placing applications in them, you can get additional settings.


  • In the beginning, we develop an advertising campaign strategy.
  • We select keywords to promote the mobile application. Create a semantic query core.
  • We improve the description of applications in the markets, taking into account the selected keys.
  • Improving the visibility of the application in the market. We make modern screenshots with a description and a promotional video.
  • We configure search traffic.
  • We analyze the advertising campaign and identify rational ways to spend the budget.
  • We generate a report on the advertising campaign, which contains recommendations for a planned advertising campaign.

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