Proper knife care and maintenance

Knives are the first tools used by humankind, which show how useful and necessary it is not only in everyday life, but also in many other uses. As with other tools, taking care of your blades properly is how you can ensure your usability for a long time. The following tips apply to knife types, folding knives or fixed blades.

How to clean

The first rule in knife care is to clean and dry the knife after each use. This means that you have to clean all pieces from the blade to clean. While a modern knife has blades that are richer than rust, corrosion and oxidation can still affect them, if they do not take proper care.

Avoid using rough detergents and solvents in cleaning your knife. Seeking to clean the products on the market is formulated specifically for knives. Hot water should be used with a stainless steel blade. If the knife blade is made of carbon steel, eat soft drinks to wash the water. Handmade Damascus Folding Knives. If you find that part of the knife is still rusty, clean it only with a nail polish and alcohol pad.

Prevention of care

Preventive care is carried out on a regular basis. The secret is to avoid knife problems that need repair. The care of your knife is basically like washing it in a dishwasher, in which the blade can be removed, or leave the chip or it in a pond for a long time. The routine of knife care should always be a lubrication knife. Each time, clean the fabric with oil and rinse it with a knife. Do not leave excess oil on the knife.

In addition, you need to care for the handle as much as you care for the blade. Clean the handle of the knife using suitable cleaning materials for the materials used. For a pocket knife, be sure to reflect the blade into the handle, because it can be kicked back by knocking the blade or damaging the handle.

Save your knife

Usually a storage device is used when purchasing electric tools and scissors. This machine can be a knife block or a knife pocket that is effective in protecting the knife from the elements. However, such devices are used for short-term storage when knives are used frequently.

If you need to hold your knife for a long time, hold long-term storage devices made with non-acidic materials to make sure the knife is kept during storage. Before storing it, make sure the knife is clean and dry. Put the knife oil and then put it in soft cloth. Keep your knife in a cool and dry area./

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