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You are a chef, so you want to choose a complete set of knives. The lower knife can spend your time at work, and even worse, they can give a glimpse of it. On this page we hope to provide you with a list of high quality knives that are reliable, sharp and well-balanced to provide you with the care you need to eat. No serious chef should be fitted with equipment – so set at least as much as you get:

Wusthof Classic 26 Piece Knife Set

This is a large collection of traditional knives, three-knife nail adhesive from Wusthof. Wusthof is known to be available to create the best collection, and if the cost is not a factor, then this will be complete. They are literally one of the best collections available on the market and will not allow employees. They will cover almost any imaginable cooking situation. They use the edge of laser testing for uniform cutting, it also creates a long edge. It does not need to sharpen.

As expected, the balance, gravity, and almost complete gravity are made by the tang that runs through the handle. Make sure to wash them by hand! Do not risk cleaning the dishes for this price.


Knives 5, 6, 8 and 10 cakes; 2 3/4 inch peeling; 3 1/2 inch; 4 1/2 inch tool; 9 inch bread; 5 inch tomato; 5 inch cut; 6 inch sandwich; engraving. 8 inches; 7 inches flexible cups; 6 inches; eight steve knives; sharp steel; kitchen scissors; block blocks; 25 blocks.

Henckels Pro S stainless steel set of 21 blades

The Henckels knife is permanently high-quality continuously high-quality and this is not an exception. This knife is less than Wusthof, but it is also much cheaper. The quality of the knife in the two sets is almost the same. This will lead to more personal preferences and exactly what you need. The frozen ice blade is frozen and made of high carbon stainless steel. They are perfect tight, which means an extraordinary balance. Blades are forced to make a piece. This means that they have complete geometry, improved blade base, high precision, and retaining great cutting edge. You do not need to sharpen them continuously.


2 3/4 inches, 2 3/4 inches of steam / cooler, 3 inch pedigree rim, 4 inch tool, 5 inch tool, neutral 5/1/2 inches, 7 inch hollow cention, 6 inch instrument, kitchen 8 Inches, 8 knives, steel crushers, kitchen scissors, knife blocks.

Universal G-888 / 91ST – A set of 9 blades

This set looks a little different. It’s so modern. The G-888 / 91ST is recommended by chefs around the world. Blades are thin and blade sharp; They are made of CROMOVA stainless steel, unlike other knives on this page. They are lightweight and easy to handle while having an unofficial slip. They are very good and trustworthy that you are pretty sure you do not need to buy another set. In fact, one person who had this collection said he expects them to be transferred to the next generation and called them “runaway knives”.

An amazing collection. Just the right size for having everything you need and knives that will not only let you down, but more than your expectations.


7 inch Asian knife, 8.25 inch shaver, 6 inch knife, 8.75 inch bread knife, 5.5 inch vegetable knife, 5. 5 inch knife, 3 inch knife, and stainless steel storage box.

Onion Bulb 7 sets of knives

This high quality 7-piece set is perfect – if you do not need all the extra. Knives in the collection are professional in high quality. You do not have to pay for knives you do not use, so this might be the best option for some. Ken Onion is not a brand name and is known as another name for the name of a man of the same name who is a winning prize-winning custom cheater.

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