Air conditioners for inverters have been on the market for quite a long time. But we are not all aware of the benefits that these relatively new cooling systems offer. Although the two, regular and inverter air conditioners fulfill the same function, they largely differ in their effectiveness and the way they work. An AC inverter uses a variable speed compressor motor to maintain the desired room temperature, Inverter AC price in Pakistan is much economical.

while normal ones operate on fixed speed modes. This clearly indicates that the former is able to maintain a precise room temperature without must fluctuations as seen in the case of regular ACs.

Normal V / S inverter AC

Let’s take a closer look at a few other differences between the two!

  • Energy consumption – When it comes to selecting a good air conditioner, the energy consumption factor is very important. The compressor of an inverter AC is almost never switched off, even when the desired temperature mark is reached. While in the case of a normal AC, the compressor is switched off as soon as it reaches the desired temperature. Because of the frequent switching on and off, the regular air conditioners use more energy and are therefore the least recommended.
  • Cooling capacity – In terms of cooling capacity and reaching the desired temperature, the inverter’s air conditioners are relatively faster than their counterparts. They also speak of start-up time that is almost 30% shorter than that of regular ACs.

Inverter AC price in Pakistan

  • Fluctuations – The fluctuation frequency of an alternating current converter is relatively low and they also provide better comfort. In the case of regular air conditioners, most fluctuations usually take place during their start / stop activities.
  • Noise – One of the main benefits of AC inverter is that it makes less noise compared to ordinary ones that are annoying and too noisy, especially if they are not maintained from time to time. The special noiseless properties of inverter air conditioners make it ideal for both residential and office space installations.
  • Time required to reach the preset temperature – An inverter air conditioner speaks of an increased power compared to a normal AC and requires less time to reach the predefined temperature mark. On the other hand, regular air conditioners need a set time to perform the desired task, making them slower and using more energy.

The points mentioned above are some important differences that make an air conditioner of an inverter better than its counterparts. So if you plan to buy an air conditioner for your home or office next time, consider these factors.

Is it worth buying an AC inverter?

AC inverters are more expensive than non-inverter types in advance. The good news is that you can get the difference back in just 2 years (depending on your usage frequency). In addition, AC inverters are your more environmentally friendly option. Lower energy consumption means something good for the environment.

Another major advantage of inverter types is that they offer a uniform and stable temperature control. As discussed earlier, inverter types allow continuous control of the temperature because the motor speed of the compressor can now be controlled. In other words, during the entire operation the unit will continuously maintain the temperature and at the same time remain energy efficient.

Apart from continuous temperature control, there is also a huge advantage of using AC inverters. It is a direct result of its efficient operation with no sharp fluctuations in the load. As a result, the compressor motor and other parts of the unit can last longer. They do not have to withstand sudden loads all day long.

How to buy an inverter AC for your home

Apart from credibility and guaranteed reliability, replacing and repairing parts would be a lot easier, as many skilled technicians have already worked on those units. They can easily find parts that match the specifications of your AC.

Moreover, it is also important to choose the distributor and / or installer of the air conditioner of your choice. The installation and after-sales service is just as important as the unit itself. For example, a good installation and extensive warranty coverage will save you a lot on future expenses for repairs and replacements.

Many manufacturers and distributors offer up to 10 or 12 years warranty (especially on the compressor motor). This means that they have strong confidence in the units that they make and sell. You would be less worried in the event of the AC failure.

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