Samsung pointers: Software updates cannot resolve all Galaxy S20 Ultra digicam focusing issues

Samsung pointers: Software updates cannot resolve all Galaxy S20 Ultra digicam focusing issues,


Software updates can’t solve all Galaxy S20 Ultra digital camera focusing problems, suggestions Samsung mobile phone prices. When we got the Galaxy S20 Ultra and started out taking pictures around with its very incredible digicam hardware, there were straight away seen autofocus problems, each with the rear and the front cameras.

With subsequent monthly software program updates, Samsung managed to fix a lot of the ones, and a maximum of its replace schedule changed into entirely focused on the digital camera improvements, and there have been some safety updates in for an amazing measure.

Now, however, a Samsung rep over in Korea has poured bloodless water over the hopes of many that each one digital camera focusing troubles will subsequently be addressed with a software replacement. Take pictures of nearer objects, for instance.

Both a moderator and then the admin of the Camera segment in Samsung’s Galaxy support forum over at the house turf, are now pronouncing that there are hardware obstacles to how near you may go along with the Ultra, answering several consumer complaints.

Samsung recommendations: Software updates can’t solve all Galaxy S20 Ultra digicam focusing troubles,

If you don’t sincerely talk Korean, here’s the interpretation of what the Galaxy S20 Ultra digicam can and cannot do when it comes to focusing at distances closer than four inches or so:

First of all, we’re sorry for the confusion about the use. The S20 Ultra version is equipped with a high-pixel photo sensor, which increases the size of the sensor, resulting in a shallow intensity of field and a longer focal duration of 10cm or more as compared to previous Samsung models. Therefore, when taking pictures of a close object, the background can be blurred, or out of cognizance might also occur. The focal duration is decided by the lens specifications, making it difficult to correct with the software program. We make an apology for now not being able to fully explain the focal length in advance. Thank you.

That’s a chunk of a bummer, given that we all need to take clear snaps of files or labels from a close distance, however that extremely good 108MP resolution ought to suffice to study those even if you flow the lens a piece also out.


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