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Let yourself be seduced by the new Krosskulture kurti shopping online and its colorful outfits that breathe a gust of wind in your summer wardrobe. For the new season, we offer three inspirations.

The contrasts that highlight you

To enter gently in the summer, we put on the contrast games: the black remains the base of the silhouette, but it is associated with lighter shades, more vivid. At choice, we can opt for red and white, for graphic silhouettes, or beige, to play the elegance. We particularly like the long black and beige knit jacket, perfect on a skirt or black trousers for a classic chic look. For a more modern look, we love an embroidered kurti, which is easy to combine with white or black, or both! This embroidered kurti with seams underlined with a black braid will be perfect with a black trouser and white pants, or the opposite.

Maroon digital printed pret shirt

Mix colors

As a prelude to the beautiful days, we can also have option for an original association, mixing the army trend khaki and feminine pink desire. With offers you a crisp digital printed shirt that blends floral prints and camouflage pattern with all shades of khaki green. The other strong parts of the trend? The khaki tunic in crumpled cotton or the light parka proposed in powder pink, to soften its little adventurer side. The khaki color goes well with light pink, nude or powdery, but also with white, beige or for more peps red and orange.

The trend is blue

Finally, the new Krosskulture collection is setting the course for the beautiful days by putting the blue in the spotlight. Always navy blue, casual denim blue, bright turquoise blue or pastel blue for a smooth look, you’re free to choose your favorite blue. In verstalie version, it can give a navy blue and white check shirt worn on a wide pants navy blue bridge. In cooler mode, we adopt the blue tee-shirt butterfly on jeans: an easy-going outfit for the summer

If you want to buy this beautiful collection click on a link the below-mentioned button for easily access, stay connected with us for more collections!

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