Tips For Voice Search Optimization

When a user searches with his voice, he expects to complete an action. For example, buy a product, play a song, reserve a room and reserve a seat, or find information on a specific topic. Here are some tips that will help you get a better ranking in search engines and make your website more accessible for voice search.

1. Make Sure The Website Loads Quickly

As with text search engine optimization, Google’s voice favors the website that loads faster on web pages. Therefore, the first most important thing should be to ensure that there is nothing that makes the site less responsive and hinders rapid loading. Make sure the website works equally well on mobile devices. For a better response rate, do not forget to optimize the images, compress the files and add other tasks that accelerate the website. You should also use the website’s caching feature that improves page speed and reduces server response time.

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2. Write How You Speak

When a user performs a Google search on their phone and desktop computer, they write in a brief and informal tone and usually put the pointed phrases. For example, if a user wants to find excellent application developers, he will write ‘main application developers’. But with voice search, it is likely to say ‘who is the most important application developer around me?’ Therefore, to ensure that the content is optimized according to the voice search SEO, be sure to also add the long tail keywords. These keywords sound more agile, shorter and more common than others.

Do not include fancy words because voice searches are usually performed in a person’s language at the ninth grade reading level. So, although your website offers specialized services and high-level information, make sure that the content has keywords with an easy-to-understand language and common phrases for anyone to understand. Although short phrases are still in the band, long format keywords have a better chance of getting a higher ranking in both traditional SEO and voice search SEO.

3. Include Blocks Of Featured Content

According to Google’s records, the average voice search is approximately twenty-nine words. Although we know that shorter answers are likely to work better, there is something you can do to make sure Google identifies your answers to users. We are talking about the highlighted content blocks. A highlighted block also called as quick answers, response box or zero position is mainly the summary response of the web. In desktop search lists, this type of snippet appears after paid ads and before regular lists.

Therefore, to optimize your content for a featured snippet, be sure to include a brief and concise summary of the main content. This content must not exceed thirty words and must be doubled within twenty-nine words.

4. Focus On Local Search

According to Google’s search engine records, more than 25% of voice search queries refer to content based on location. For example, information about the best restaurant, hospitals, reservation for a family outing, route to a particular destination, travel reservations, etc. This is the reason why the phrase ‘near me’ has become the most requested and written phrase in the last two years. Therefore, brands will have a greater chance of visibility if they produce voice search content that focuses on providing answers to location-based queries.

Can You See Your Search Ranking By Voice?

Voice search serves to increase conversions and brand awareness. Google’s algorithm doesn’t allow website owners to see their rankings so far, but since this feature is still expanding, the day is not far when it will have a separate metric to measure voice search histories and view the ranking of voice search. As of now, the answer is no. Until then, our best advice would be to optimize SEO and SEO voice search using the practices mentioned above. Eventually, you will be able to witness more traffic on your website and see detailed reports that will show the sweet fruits of your work.

Final Verdict On Voice Search SEO

Technological giants are investing heavily in these types of technologies that have immense growth potential in the future. Digital assistants have become a trend, and they surely seem to have better opportunities in the future. With evolving technologies, companies are adopting means to reduce the error rate with voice search results and working to improve the user experience with voice search SEO.

Given the increasing use of voice search among young people and teenagers, Google and other search engines are considering and placing more emphasis on voice search optimization. In addition to helping your website rank higher on search results pages, voice search SEO will also improve the user experience, which will help retain visitors and make them visit your website with more frequency One of the significant signals that Google is using for ranking the website is the user experience. And if adding voice search SEO can help your website achieve the ranking you want, why shouldn’t you incorporate it?

In conclusion, it is smart to take advantage of SEO voice search services because it offers excellent potential and immense reach for online businesses. It’s time to optimize web content for voice-based searches. If you want to take full advantage of voice search technology, our first tip would be to start early. Do not feel and postpone it as one of the many things you want to do in the future. High probability that your competitors are already using and capitalizing on this technology. With so many people using Alexa, Siri and the Google Assistant, it cannot be denied that conversational search will become the future of Internet search.

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