Tips to dress well with little money

In times of crisis it is difficult to allocate money to buy clothes since it is not a basic necessity. There are other priorities that are obviously more important, such as paying the mortgage or buying food. However, we don’t want to stop looking good and looking elegant.

While it is clear that money helps to buy quality and brand online shopping, this does not mean that because we do not have money we should dress badly. There are many economic options that can be taken into account when assembling an economical and stylish wardrobe.

The key is to learn to buy intelligently and have some basic notions about fashion to know how to combine and reuse different elements. If you want to learn to dress well, beautifully and cheaply, you should continue reading this post in which we present some tips that could be very useful.

The classic never goes out of style

Many times we buy clothes because it is beautiful and we end up wearing it two or three times because that fuchsia color is impossible to combine. To save money it is important to avoid buying clothes that we will not use, and for this reason it is important to invest in versatile garments that you can wear on any occasion. Remember that the classic never goes out of style. There are certain items that cannot be missing in your wardrobe. Here is the list

A black dress                                                                                                         

Buy a black dress instead of a printed one. A black dress is classic, elegant and never goes out of style, so you can wear it for years. It is also very easy to combine since black goes with everything. The best thing is that you can use it for all occasion, during the day or night. If you need a dress, do not hesitate to buy a black one, it will be one of the best investments you will make.

A pair of jeans

It is a casual dress classic. You can combine this garment with any color and achieve infinity of looks. If you want a relaxed look you can simply combine your jeans with a shirt and hoes. If you want a shapelier and elegant look you can combine them with a frock and heels. The jeans look good with absolutely everything and on any occasion.

Classic shoes

It is always good to have a pair of classic shoes. The black stilettos go well with everything, both with party dress and jeans to achieve an elegant and casual look at the same time. If you want a pair of new shoes does not hesitate to opt for black heels.

A tiny floral pattern can be a great way to wear floral in a more subtle way. Many small floral are so light and intricate from further away they could be a lot of different patterns. The small floral print is softer and more delicate.

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