Top 3 Ways Sales Have Changed

Enter a local clothing store, a salesperson asks if you need help and systematically close them with a “No”. You don’t know where the jeans are, but you still say “No”. The simple answer is that people don’t want to be sold. Decade after decade, sellers were considered annoying, intrusive, etc. The fact is, the best sellers in the world are the ones who don’t sell. A sale can be seen as an art form, but in the last decade with the increase of companies, art has changed systematically. In this article, we will explore the top three ways in which sales tactics have changed.

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Create True Value:

Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing … What does all this mean and why do you hear about it endlessly? It all comes down to one word: value. In the past, value was the product or service you were offering to your customers, so simple. Nowadays, this has drastically changed. The competitive landscape has allowed multiple competitors to enter your industry and thus allow customers to be in control. Now you need to take advantage of rich media, blog posts, videos, webinars, infographics etc. To add added value to your customers so that they can choose your company. It all starts with your messaging and ensuring the right customer path. Social media marketing is an excellent platform for forming the right initial message.

In God We Trust, Everyone Else Brings Data:

The data has always been there, but the fantastic part of the new technology is that you get it in real time to make data-driven decisions while on the move. Social media, websites, SEO and PPC all have the ability to provide you with real-time analysis. This combined with a strong team that analyzes and acts on various strategies is a dangerous combination for your competitors. Ensuring that you have adequate data can help you provide the correct messaging that potential customers can refer to.

Sell   When You Don’t Sell:

Awareness, consideration and decision. It’s not about driving traffic, it’s about driving the right traffic. In the early stage of awareness, customers identify that there is a problem. The second step is considering various different solutions for their problem and their problem and the final step is the actual decision. In the awareness phase, you need to target your customers in a “soft” way and help them understand the essence of their problem compared to the other two phases in which they are getting closer to your specific value proposal. You want to educate them on how and make sure they are looking for and considering the right solutions.

Now, how do these three steps come together to generate sales in the new and competitive markets that face us today? The secret sauce is to make sure you guide your potential customers consistently, linking all the materials along the path of their customers to ensure that they choose your service or product.

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