Top 5 latest trends in iPhone application development

Since smartphones were first introduced, they have become an important part of our lives. Everyone Augmented reality is gradually making its way to various iOS applications and, in most cases, it relies on GPS technology to provide a wide range of services to iPhone user Augmented reality gradually penetrates various iOS applications and, in most cases, uses GPS technology to provide a wide range of services to iPhone users. has a smartphone today and uses various features daily. All these features that we use on our smartphones would not be possible without the necessary applications. Our phone alarms, games, emails, social media, web browsing, and other features wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have the right apps for them. We depend on these things daily, which means that the development of smartphones and apps will not stop anytime soon. There is constant innovation when it comes to mobile apps and their uses, and Apple is always looking to offer something new to iPhone users. Here are some of the latest trends from the top 5 that Apple is looking to track with their application development, which Advansoft – a leading mobile application development company – places great importance and tracks on all of our developments. Click here” IOS App Development In UAE

  1. Beacon and GPS technology

Beacons and GPS technology are already fairly commercialized and have also been used for advanced marketing techniques and to target specific individuals. However, these technologies are expected to gain a lot of time by the end of 2017. GPS sensors and beacons are integrated into lighting, various devices, cars and much more. Apple’s iOS 7 already has an interface that can be used by the owner to control and manage various devices in his home. Users can perform these actions either at home or remotely. In addition to offering various conveniences to users, it is an environment-friendly and energy-saving initiative.

  1. Portable technology

This trend has already started and we only expect it to develop even more in late 2020. There are already some incredible portable devices, notably the Apple Watch Series 2 and Google Daydream. In the years to come, wearable devices will no longer be limited to industries like healthcare, as they should be used everywhere, to dictate various trends in mobile app development that remain to come.

  1. Security measures

As more and more people use iPhone devices for work and personal tasks, including finance, information sharing and managing their homes, the need to improve security measures for mobile applications becomes more and more important and it is a challenge that awaits application developers in the future. Although Apple’s current devices are secure, iOS 3.0 may have security concerns when you consider the fact that Apple will be giving the public information about their application development efforts. Until an international security standard is created, the security of mobile applications, in general, will be of great concern.

  1. AG – Augmented reality

Augmented reality is gradually migrating to a variety of iOS applications, relying mostly on GPS technology to provide a wide range of services to iPhone users. Augmented reality is also used a lot in games and it changes the way the game industry presents itself because it allows games to be integrated into all the activities that a user performs. We are already seeing that GPS and augmented reality are both becoming an important thing for all developers of mobile applications. It is expected that there will be more and more 3D video games for iPhone devices that will use this technology and the only problem here may, of course, be security.

  1. The implementation of Swift

Objective-C has always been the main coding language for all iOS applications. However, since Swift first entered the coding world, application developers have discovered various advanced methodologies and frameworks that have allowed them to use code tools that have ultimately allowed them to write reliable code. The all-new Apple-made Swift 2 has developer-friendly features and lets them build iOS apps that work flawlessly. This is why iPhone application developers will need to start learning Swift as it will only develop in the future. All applications developed in the future will use Swift, which means that this coding language is a certain trend.

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