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First of all, the developed site is a unique software and design product. In accordance with the legislation of the the created product (website) falls into the objects protected by the law on copyright objects (when creating the website, the property is transferred to the customer with the product’s copyright, but the non-proprietary copyright remains with the developer, since it is inalienable:

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  • works of painting, sculpture, graphics, design, graphic stories, comics and other works of art;
  • works of architecture, urban planning and landscape art;
  • photographic works and works obtained by methods similar to photography;

computer programs (including operating systems), which can be expressed in any language and in any form, including source code and object code. Accordingly, the developer of the site, as the author of such an object, has the legal right to demand to indicate its authorship.Moreover, such practice on the Internet  is standard, look at sites such as Yandex , Trust Bank, and the leading online media ,the largest online auto parts store “Exist” and many others. Also, the default site creation pricing includes the ability to post a link to the developer on the client’s site, refusing to post such a link naturally entails a revision of the project cost, the standard practice in such cases is the cost of the project from 10-20% of the total cost of the work.

Some examples for visual comparison:

All household and electronic equipment contains a manufacturer’s label on the front of the case. Absolutely all cars contain both the name of the manufacturer and its logo on the most prominent parts of the body. Almost all of our casual wear contains a manufacturer’s label. A site is the same product that you buy from the manufacturer’s company, and on which it is also customary to place the name and logo of the site developer. Exactly the same policy applies to all sites promoted by Pixel Plus.

Is it possible to avoid the copyright of the creator of the site?

Placing our copyrights on a website created and / or promoted in our company is a standard condition for the development and / or promotion of a website in our company, which is fixed in the contract. Naturally, we are ready for a bilateral dialogue on this issue, but as a rule, you can avoid posting a link to the developer’s company website only if the following conditions are met:

Passion for the cost of developing and / or promoting the site (as a rule, 10-20 percent of the total cost of creating a site or the same passion for the cost of a monthly payment for SEO site promotion). When working with iconic brands and companies subject to a motivated and reasoned request for the absence of copyrights, but the presence of this site in the portfolio on our site is mandatory.


Today, without a high-quality Internet resource, it is impossible to imagine successful entrepreneurship. It is no wonder that business sharks, in pursuit of a client, strive to have the best website and order its creation exclusively from the pros. Who to entrust the creation of the site? Today, both freelancers and professional web studios take up the creation of sites. As practice shows, the choice of the first option is fraught with disappointment. So, why not order a website from a freelancer?

Nobody guarantees anything

  1. The agreement is a guarantee that everything will be done efficiently and on time, and without it, no one can guarantee anything to anyone. The scourge of freelancing is that personal circumstances very often interfere with the workflow of any creative person. Very often it freezes and the customer will have to pay extra. Unscrupulous freelancers, after receiving an advance payment, can do nothing, and they do not return the funds. Choosing a web studio to create a site, the client insures himself from all kinds of embarrassments.

2. Professionalism is in question

In a freelancer environment, there are real pros; they are not so easy to find. The usual “shkolota”, after making two, three simple sites, it is often taken to make complex orders. It’s quite difficult to understand who is in front of you, and only after the project has been completed you understand what’s what.

3. Narrow specialization.

A freelancer, in the form of one person, cannot be an expert on all the intricacies of web development, because this is a complete process. Teamwork is always better than the same robot of one person. A whole team works in web studios, where each person is a pro in his field, there’s no need to hire anyone else and the result will definitely please.

As you can see, ordering a website from a freelancer is slippery, so it is unclear why many still prefer it to web studios. The answer lies in the price of the question. The easiest way to get a quality resource, without risks and embarrassment, is to order its creation from a web studio.

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