What are the trends of long dresses for summer

Summer is coming, although we have been through days of doubtful weather with rain, wind and some degrees of less, yes the sun begins to rise and it feels little by little as the heat of summer arrives. It is time to change the closet, take stock of the models we have to wear this summer, which will be a trend and we must prepare soon with ready to wear brands.

The best of the change of season; In addition to all the activities, events and parties that correspond to each era, it is possible to change airs even as far as clothes are concerned. It is gratifying and very motivating to have to look for new styles for each season, the new as always, is well received and cause for joy.

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Summer 2019, what awaits us in women’s fashion?

Surely you have already noticed that long shirt dresses are appearing a lot on the scene, and that will be a trend during the summer. Fresh, versatile and varied, three points in favor among many others for the garment that aims to be the star of summer 2019.

One of the best advantages of long summer dresses , especially those that are unicolor, is that they can be worn with either slippers, sandals or heels, it all depends on the look you want to achieve, more elegant or more casual, it will depend a lot of the accessories or complements you use to accompany the dress.

The summer long or midi dresses will be the protagonists. Striped, unicolor and the favorites of all, dresses with floral motifs, the more colorful we like the more. And is that the dresses with floral pattern are perfect to wear both in spring and summer and with them you can create very romantic and summer looks.

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