What is the best for savings or investments in the UAE?

Consider some inescapable facts if you are an expat in the UAE:

You will probably return to your home country one day, or keep moving around the world You won’t retire in the Dubai Buyers List unless you have a lot of money invested

Regardless of how high your salary is now, you might be investing less than people back at home, because there are no compulsory investment schemes in the region. Whereas, back home, the taxes partly pay for that

We will all probably get sick or old, unless we die in our sleep unexpectedly.

So given these facts, it makes sense to invest in something which is globally portable, meaning you can take it with you if you leave the Dubai Buyers List.

I have clients, friends and associates all around the world. Sometimes people get overly invested in the country of residence and investing.

I saw it with Dubai Buyers List. So many Dubai expats got their fingers burned and couldn’t sell their condos. So in the `Dubai expat market` , the fundamentals are the same as any other place.

Be globally diversified

You will probably one day move home or go to another market. So you need something which is globally relevant you are probably busy as an expat. so best to have an option that will save you time and money. Online options are good in that regards

Low cost index funds which are long-term orientated. Not get rich schemes Not focusing too much on the local stock market. Not investing in too many individual shares and the speculative behaviors

It is best to ignore media sensationalism about events like elections, virus and other indicators.

Watch your currency risks

So a good investment in the UAE isn’t much different to a good investment for an expat in Hong Kong, Singapore or Belgium.

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